Monday, January 4, 2016

6.7 Richters India Earthquake!!! Also a 2.1 New Jersey Earthquake, AND Next Big Radio Show Monday Night!!!

This 6.8 Richters India Earthquake came in late Sunday during "Sunday Night Football" and I have seen where 4 have been killed with it looking far into a lot of desert region so hope not too many more, but there has been some damage reported in nearby town. Here's Felt Report and it includes a few from Kathmandu! Earthquake Central@ NOW Mondays EQ Blog:

Why don't we start with a look at this weeks very popular edition of "Earthquake Minute"!!! Not sure why it's so popular, it's possible someone might have "Retweeted" the link or there could have been a write-up about the upcoming California Earthquake somewhere that linked to this vid, anyways it's almost at 180 views=GOOD for "Earthquake Minute"!!! Check It Out!!! CLICK Arrow: You can view "Earthquake Minute" BIG Alert California, Jan. 1, 2016 at YouTube@ TRANSCRIPT@

At the time when this New Jersey Earthquake struck it was a big deal because of all the cities involved and how close it was to New York and as you can see the description even gives the distance from at least one New York town there! Felt Report follows:

2.1 - 4km NW of Ringwood, New Jersey, January 1, 2016
Nearby Cities
1 Mile Northwest of Ringwood, New Jersey
5 Miles East of West Milford, New Jersey
6 MIles West of Suffern, New York
68 Miles Northeast of Trenton, New Jersey

Felt Report from that New Jersey Earthquake@

There was a 4.8 Richters that struck Just North of Seattle, Washington at Victoria, Canada, with huge felt report!!! Includes 1495 Felt Reports From Victoria, British Columbia and 3000 From Vancouver!!! Check out that entire Felt Report At Earthquake Central@ AND something in the area of 4.5 Offshore Eureka, California late Friday, January 1, so there is something going on up in that region, too!

There have now been 2 Earthquakes in that extremely shaky Haiti/Dominican Republic Region with now a 4.5 Richters Dominican Republic just a few miles from Haiti. Haiti was also mixed up in the middle of a similar alert in 2010 where first Eureka shook on January 9, then Haiti on January 12, 2010 and I suppose with a lot of the same stuff happening it's possible something like that could happen again!! Here's the 4.5 Dominican Republic Felt Report:
Monte Cristi, Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic..1.....22
Mao, Valverde, Dominican Republic...............1.....50
Jánico, Santiago, Dominican Republic............1.....83
Santiago, Santiago, Dominican Republic..........6.....90
El Llano, Elías Piña, Dominican Republic........1....108

There was also a 2.1 Richters Anza, California Earthquake and New Moon Window will start on Friday, January 8 with the exact moment on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 8:31pm Central Time. This is looking more and more like the time frame that we might want to really be paying a lot of attention to, because this could be the next big one for California!!!

AND my next big Radio Show is Monday Night!!! 7pm Central Time on the Access Hour! CLICK Listen Live@ and there will FOR SURE Be an "Earthquake Minute"!!! Be watching for earthquakes and Thank-You for tuning in to listen to my "RockShow"!!! EQ Guy

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