Thursday, January 21, 2016

More Shaking At Ludlow, California, ONE MORE 5.0 Richters Earthquake Near Lima, Peru!!! Big 5.9 China Earthquake, From H-Bomb Test? UPDATE: 6.6 Offshore Mexico!!!

Just happened as I was about to leave the house for the day a 6.6 Richters Offshore like a hundred miles, and 500 Miles West of Mexico City!!! Very much included in present big alert for California and COULD mean more such movement along that Pacific Boundary!!! Keep Watching!!! NOW Todays Previously Written EQ Blog:

Those are the numbers we are looking at today! First let's take a look at the updated list of the shaking in Ludlow, California just outside Barstow and very near the epicenter of the Hector Mines Earthquake, but I suppose it might also be near the epicenter of the Landers Earthquake, too! Here's the list from the last few hours and I'll update it later if needed. Note the first one or two also appear already on yesterdays list possibly due to the fact that I updated that list at some point during the day, here's todays list, although yes, the earthquakes were mostly yesterday:

1.8 7km WSW of Ludlow, California 2016-01-20 21:53:48
2.9 8km WSW of Ludlow, California 2016-01-20 15:15:09
2.6 8km WSW of Ludlow, California 2016-01-20 12:38:58
2.5 8km WSW of Ludlow, California 2016-01-20 08:54:19
3.2 8km WSW of Ludlow, California 2016-01-20 07:43:09
2.0 8km WSW of Ludlow, California 2016-01-20 07:41:17

Check out yesterdays EQ Blog to see the continuation of that list if you wish! To do that, one way is to CLICK "The EQ Alert Guy" LOGO at the top of this blog. . . if you've never did that before it takes you to the full-out blog which runs lengthwise through as far as the browser will go before producing a "MORE" or "Continued" button that simply goes on to the next 100 entries or whatever number, you know. Right at the moment it will have to replace putting a link here, which nobody really needs a link for something like that really anyways.

Now going all the way back through every single possible source for that 5.9 China Earthquake and only finding the North Korea Nuke Test as possible source for that shaking!!! Not actually too far from Pyongyang, either, doesn't look like it could be connected to the alert for Laos due to being so far north of that nation and nowhere near being in line from that landfall of Typhoon Melor on December 14/15. And also found the clock running out on anything that could possibly be the result of either Cyclone Chapala, or Meg over in the Yemen Region, so possibly chalk one up for Socotra Island maybe not being directly connected to that all important "Triple Plate Junction" over in that region, because that alert is about to run out without any "Actual Place Struck" listed on my sheet right here in front of me that's about to be retired due to the final day of the final alert thereon being reached! While on the contrary the alert for Typhoon Melor which made landfall at Philippines on December 14/15 could run practically all the way through the month of February and still includes one big alert for Lima, Peru that we continue to watch for!!!

Keep watching Lima, Peru because it is almost looking like the big one there might NOT even hit Lima as I've been saying! Instead keep in mind it is a lot of Earthquake Energy and COULD strike just about anywhere in that region now with at least two big 5 Magnitude Earthquakes to prove just that! Very likely there will be a big one to follow so keep watching Lima, AND Peru!!!

With all that shaking at Ludlow it more or less historically makes a big earthquake in that region a sure thing! Like I will be saying in this weeks "Earthquake Minute" more towards the end of the week. . .we BETTER watch Los Angeles and California because we've been so concerned about all those other places around the world especially throughout most of 2015, that it is now certainly time to start watching more around California! Due for their next big earthquake and more, much, much more snow right now falling across much of the country will surely mean much more Major Earthquake Energy for California, too!!! EQ Guy

SEE This Weeks North Korea Nuke "Earthquake Minute" Now at YouTube@ AND The Transcript@

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Katt1 said...

Keep in mind as well that saterday is a full moon AND California will be experiencing "king tides" for the next few days,on top of a huge storm that supposed to give us at least 6" of rain in a day?? Alot of odds against us. I work right above the beach in Watsonville CA,staring at the shore,and hoping I'm not here when it does hit:(