Friday, January 15, 2016

Chino Hills, California Is Big Lottery Winner, AND Epicenter of BIG Earthquake in 2008!!! NOTE: Johannesburg, California Continues To Shake!!!

For those of you that are interested in what todays banner headline is talking about let's start out with the story about that earthquake from 2008 at Wikipedia@ AND one might assume you all knew about Wednesdays Lottery which was up to 1.5 Billion Dollars and everybody was buying tickets. Well, a total of 3 folks matched all 5 plus the PowerBall and ONE was in California! Just so happened to be Chino Hills, the town where the epicenter of a fairly big 5.5 Richters California Earthquake struck in 2008.

Would you take a look at this map with both that earthquake epicenter and the location of the store where the winning ticket was purchased:
You also might want to know that just beyond this map is for one thing the "Ontario Airport" and just beyond that the now historic location of the Arrowhead Water Plant where one of my very first public predictions took place!!! Both of these places along with the 10 Freeway and 60 Freeways just off the map to the north are very much neighborhoods where I worked a lot in Los Angeles, but probably even more important just off this map to the WEST. . .even more Major Earthquake Epicenters including the City of LaHabra only about a mile or two west along with Brea, Puente Hills, and Whittier!!! So, Chino Hills is actually very, very lucky in more than one way!!! If you want to call a lot of earthquakes, lucky!!! Here's a little more on that story:

12 Tickets were sold in California with the 5 Numbers and NO Powerball Match!!! Story: "According to State Lottery Officials, those tickets were sold at Primm Valley Lotto in Stateline, a 7-Eleven in Chula Vista, Larkfield Union in Santa Rosa, a Chevron station in Santa Cruz, Jerry's Liquor in Santa Monica, Tustin Fuel and Market in Tustin, Eden Roc Liquor in Pacoima, a 7-Eleven in Vacaville, a Quik Stop in Cloverdale, a 7-Eleven in Redlands, Ted's Liquor in Gardena and Spot Not Auto Wash and Gas in Irwindale."

I should add that Johannesburg, California from yestedays EQ Blog is still shaking and as a result of that, we know there could be more inline for California. That's all for todays Earthquakes, though! We could be on-the-air with another "Earthquake Minute" later on Friday, never sure if time will allow, so please feel free to tune in and see! Otherwise See You All Monday unless more shakes!!! EQ Guy

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