Friday, January 29, 2016

Sonic Booms Strike New Jersey!!! UPDATE: "Earthquake Minute" Struck on Friday!!!

Let's get right to the BIG UPDATE!!! Had time for "Earthquake Minute" all about Big Earthquake Alert: California!!!!! CLICK Arrow: Now Fridays EQ Blog:

Just before press time on todays EQ Blog it was revealed that those sonic booms were actually sonic booms! The result of testing being done offshore by Navy. Long story short here is the USGS detail of times and "Epicenters" on those several booms:

- 2 miles NNE of Hammonton, NJ
- 8 miles SSE of Jackson, NJ
- 11 miles East of Williamstown, NJ
- 13 miles SE of Pine Hill, NJ
- 37 miles S of Trenton, NJ

Here's what the booms looked like on the NEIC List of latest earthquakes:

0.0 Sonic Boom Southern New Jersey 2016-01-28 12:23:45

This is a very good story all about everything you wanted to know about sonic booms and Navy testing@ OF COURSE prior to my discovering this here or that there story, it isn't hard to imagine all the earthquake related possibilities that were about to go into todays EQ Blog! All of that now changed and unless something is still in here somewhere that I missed, then it's all about garden variety sonic booms! Or is it?

Here's The "Felt" Report although not certain anything was felt, is this a "Heard It" Report"??? Check out all the East Coast cities on this massive report:

Of course I could write all day about what they thought was going on. . . and that we HAD been watching that region! I suppose we might still watch East Coast just the same because there should be some genuine earthquakes out in that region! Not real sure if sonic booms actually precede earthquakes or not, but since there should be earthquakes coming, in this case they may or may not actually correlate if and when they do strike the East Coast! Got that?

You also might want to tune in today to see if we have time for "Earthquake Minute"!!! If we make the airwaves it's usually between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time!!! I'll have the transcript and if there's a show, probably some video here somewhere at some point, too! And if no major earthquakes, then see you on Monday!!! EQ Guy

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