Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3.5 Richters Earthquake Just Struck North of Barstow Up There In That Region of Southern California!!! Oroville Returns, BUT Watch For Big Earthquake In That Region, Too!!!!!

There honestly hasn't been too much going on with earthquakes and so this update is only being posted now due to this 3.5 having just came in at press time and as you might notice doesn't look like anything else right at the moment. I'll need to wait into the day on Wednesday for that complete felt report due to there currently so far only being one. (Update: Look for it in tomorrows EQ Blog) There should be more with Barstow and San Bernardino on the list of nearby places, here's what I have so far:

3.5 - 37km ESE of Johannesburg, CA
2017-02-15 06:15

Nearby Places:
23.0 Miles ESE of Johannesburg, CA
24.9 Miles NE of Boron, CA
25.5 Miles NW of Barstow, CA
36 Miles SE of Ridgecrest, CA
61 Miles NE of Lancaster, CA
76 Miles North of San Bernardino, CA

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I'm also watching for earthquakes around the Oroville Dam where I've just heard evacuation orders are lifted enough to allow people to return and awaiting next round of major rain there!!!

So a 3.5 Johannesburg might not say big earthquake on the way, but if one of this magnitude got too much closer to that BIG DAM. . . it can and will cause a major lot of trouble!!! Big Earthquake too near Oroville, which they DO GET, can disrupt the stability, you know!!! Watch that region!!! And of course keep watching Peru, too!!! EQ Guy

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