Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looks Like Peru Is Getting "Fore Shocks"!!! Exact Date of That Prediction Is Coming Quickly!!! And Don't Forget to Keep Watching California, Too!!!

As of this writing right now TWO earthquakes both at 4.6 on the Richters Scale have just shook Peru!!! One just 50 miles to the east of Lima with felt reports from there, and the other just south of Agua Caliente!!! Certainly felt in all those places and probably MORE. . . although I'm always talking primarily about the felt reports received by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and naturally not everybody in that region files reports with US. Judging by the mileage, though, along with the fact that we're WATCHING Peru for a big as big as 8 Richters Major Earthquake and that says we should keep watching there, AND looks very much like some serious "Fore Shocks" there, too!!!!!

This NEXT earthquake was very noticeable up there in Alaska, although it's difficult to say if they might be shaking from all the movement of fault lines in California! Could be a factor since they say those fault lines do seem to all be connected some how:

5.2 - 92km NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska
2017-01-31 09:38:37 UTC

Nearby Places
Kantishna, Alaska 50.3 km (31.3 mi) S
Knik-Fairview, Alaska 187.5 km (116.5 mi) NNW
Eagle River, Alaska 208.1 km (129.3 mi) NNW
Anchorage, Alaska 213.9 km (132.9 mi) NNW

Reservoirs Filling Up Could Mean As Big As 9.1 Richter Earthquake For California!!! This Weeks "Earthquake Minute"!!! CLICK Arrow: Catch That Edition of "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ Catch The Transcript For This Edition of "Earthquake Minute"@

When this one shook it was a big deal, although I seem to recall this earthquake striking right at yesterdays press time as you can see by the given "Universal Time" there if you minus 5 hours it says 35 minutes after midnight on December 31:

3.5 - 5km S of Ridgemark, California
2017-01-31 05:35

Nearby Places:
Tres Pinos, California 4.0 km (2.5 mi) SW
Ridgemark, California 6.0 km (3.7 mi) S
Hollister, California 10.0 km (6.2 mi) SSE
Salinas, California 27.0 km (16.8 mi) ENE
Monterey, California 51.0 km (31.7 mi) ENE

One Correction to make today, Friday Harbor was south of Vancouver Island and North of Seattle and when you really think about it still not that great of a description of the spot where that long list of small earthquakes struck there like on Monday. . . . .with 18 Miles Northeast of Victoria, Canada, and 22 Miles WNW of Anacortes, Washington being a more exact description taken from one of these two more recent ones albeit tiny ones and the last of them there, too at least for now:

0.8 8km NNW of Friday Harbor, Washington 2017-01-31 15:22 UTC
1.1 8km NNW of Friday Harbor, Washington 2017-01-31 15:14 UTC

Watch around Peru and of course keep watching California because it now looks like they're saying over in Italy that 9 feet of snow might have CAUSED that series of earthquakes that preceeded the big avalanche there, so therefore it makes it at best possible the 29 feet of snow at Mammoth Lakes could do the same there!!! Also keep watching that shaky Lone Pine Region just adjacent to Mammoth Lakes, too! Somebody COULD get some shaking there, at some point!!! EQ Guy

Here's that "Official Prediction" Filed This Week With CEPEC/NEPEC About a possible California 9.1 Richters Earthquake@ EQ Guy

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