Thursday, February 23, 2017

CAT-1 Tropical Cyclone Alfred Made Landfall at Gulf of Carpenteria, Australia!!! 4.2 Washington Earthquake Downgraded To a 4.1 but STILL Fairly Big There!!! Update, New Moon!!!

Update: Exact Moment of the New Moon will be on Sunday February 26 at 09:00am Central, 7am Pacific Time, although current alert for California is biggest concern so keep watching there as New Moon Window runs through Monday now!!! Here's Fridays EQ Blog

With Peru possibly now nearly finished shaking, time to start looking over towards Australia and at this weeks landfall of Tropical Cyclone Alfred at the Gulf of Carpenteria, there. Here's a pic of what it looked like at landfall and we'll mostly be concerned with the direction this Tectonic Plate might move. That I'll have to check the globe and will have that in a later EQ Blog but for now watch Macquarie Island and South of Australia along with PNG just to the north of that landfall there. Here's the drawing:

Sustained winds near the centre of the Tropical Cyclone Alfred are or were, 85 kilometres per hour, with wind gusts of 120kph. Easily a big enough storm that we'll spend some time tracking what could happen with this one. It was last seen located about 115km east-northeast of Borroloola, moving south-southeast at 6kph, although the latest stories say it's now been downgraded there.

Here's a LINK To a Tropical Cyclone Alfred Story@

And from Brisbane Times@

Among the other California Earthquakes that have been shaking, this one:

3.4 - 22km S of Solvang, CA
2017-02-23 04:49:43 UTC 34.398°N 120.169°W 6.0 km depth

Nearby Places:
Solvang, CA 22.0 km (13.7 mi) S
Buellton, CA 24.0 km (14.9 mi) S
Santa Ynez, CA 25.0 km (15.5 mi) SSW
Isla Vista, CA 28.0 km (17.4 mi) W
Santa Barbara, CA 43.0 km (26.7 mi) W

This one got to be so big since first posted late on Wednesday, that it's now BIG!!!

M 4.2 - 14km W of Belfair, Washington
2017-02-23 04:59

Of course downgraded! Now a 4.1 a Few Miles Northwest of Olympia, Washington!!! Here's The Felt Report Now at Earthquake Central@

And this next list will simply be a list of earthquakes that all struck along the San Andreas Fault. . just so happen to be watching all the rain there to see what effect all the rain might have!!! SHOULD be an earthquake!!! The following can either be a sign one's coming. . . or just the shaking we're watching there for! But keep watching incase it's the fore shocks:

2.8 21km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-22 23:33
2.9 21km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-22 18:18
3.3 37km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-21 22:46
2.9 21km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-22 23:33
2.0 21km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-22 18:23

But here's a look at maybe the biggest one there and with the felt report showing Modesto, now:

3.3 - 37km NE of Soledad, California
2017-02-21 22:46

Morgan Hill, CA 95037 United States of America.1.....80 km
Modesto, CA 95354 United States of America.....1....112 km
Foresthill, CA 95631 United States of America..1....274 km

So, I'll post this now and it will have Thursdays date, but pretty much it's Fridays EQ Blog for most of my best readers that already know that! And unless something more serious shakes see you all Monday!!! EQ Guy

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