Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today's The Day!!! Will We Get Big PERU Earthquake On Exact Date of My Recent Prediction For Them To Shake on February 9, 2017!!! Or Not??? 5.1 Richters Hit There on Wednesday, Too!!! ALSO: Full Moon Window Will Start Today, Too!!!

My Prediction For Peru to get an 8.1 Richters Earthquake on February 9, 2017, also Agua Caliente, and Assis, Brazil along with the region South of Lima, Peru is for TODAY!!! Must say I went all the way back through December and January and re-counted, and re-counted, and re-counted the day numbers and it appeared that as I was counting them, yesterday was actually Day 44. . . and this date we're watching is actually more like Day 45? Meaning the actually days that had that high correlation I've been always talking about were yesterday and the day before!!! Must have randomly chosen February 9 because of its symetry with January 9, another of many great dates where my best predictions have happened on time!!! Doesn't say too much about today, February 9, 2017 but let us watch Peru closely just the same!!!

Here's one more link to Official Prediction "Earthquake Minute"!!! CLICK Arrow: Watch It at YouTube@ AND Read The Transcript@

So, it was early on February 9, 2017 that the 5.1 Richters Earthquake DID actually strike 300 Miles South of Lima, Peru although that was Universal Time anyways just saying. As I recall it was actually, or am I figuring it out faster than I can type it out, here? Because if it was February 9 Universal Time it had to have been just after 6pm Central Time and there's your answer thanks to some quick math there!!! Also all the nearby towns have spanish names that the vast majority of my readers are not going to gather anything from me posting as well as the felt reports, too. Just to know looks like just LESS than 300 miles south of Lima, Peru and probably another 300 or so from Assis, Brazil with Agua Caliente in there some where, too. But mostly watch this region throughout the day for that big one!!! And if necessary the next day, and the next day with notably a FULL MOON on the Calender for later in the week, too!!!

Some information about the Peru-Chile Trench that I discovered upon checking it out!!!

In "Nature" @

And From Scripps @

So it looks like the Full Moon Window might even become a factor after all, YET!!! A quick check revealed a really late hour that when again converted to Central and Pacific Time ends up being February 11 at 0:34 Universal Time or 6:34pm Central and 4:34pm Pacific Time on Friday, February 10 for the EXACT MOMENT!!! Therefore the February Full Moon Window will be starting even before my prediction date ends and that will begin on Thursday, February 9 at 4:34pm Pacific Time and 6:34pm Central Time!!! Be Watching Peru, Lima, Agua Caliente, and Assis, Brazil because there is a Major Earthquake Coming!!! I should probably say COULD BE just so that I don't come off so serious that I even convince myself sometimes:) Thank-You For Reading and watch California, too!!! EQ Guy

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