Monday, February 6, 2017

3.5 Richters Just South of Border With Mexico!!! 3.4 Richters Yellowstone Earthquake, And Several Small Shakers Around Los Angeles Region! Next Big California Earthquake Could Strike Southern California Very Soon!!!

Today I mostly have a variety of things shaking and mostly want to bring you all up to date on what it looks like! It looks like all of this could be a sign there might be more shaking. . . such as what we've been watching for around Southern California although this first one struck as it says 21 miles south of Mexicali:

3.5 - 17km W of Delta, B.C., MX
2017-02-05 08:09:01 UTC

Nearby Places:
Delta, B.C., MX 17.0 km (10.6 mi) W
Puebla, B.C., MX 23.0 km (14.3 mi) S
Alberto Oviedo Mota, MX 14.9 Miles NW
Mexicali, B.C., MX 34.0 km (21.1 mi) SSE
El Centro, CA 51.0 km (31.7 mi) SSE
San Diego, CA 173.0 km (107.5 mi) ESE

I guess this is next in importance today, it's that recent Official Prediction in "Earthquake Minute" format right here in this weeks vid!!! CLICK Arrow: Watch It at YouTube@ AND Read The Transcript@

On this here list from Sunday, the Altadena Earthquake was very nearly worth taking a moment to discuss due to it being up there in the foothills region and then I checked the epicenter to find it is actually even much further up there in those mountains there and only listed as Altadena due to that probaably being about the nearest town of civilation up in that region and I now see 16 Kilometers drive from even that town up there just past Mount Wilson!!! Check out this impressive list of towns around Los Angeles that were shaking like mostly on Sunday and there COULD be more to come there:

1.8 16km NE of Altadena, CA 2017-02-05 14:42
2.0 5km NNW of Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2017-02-05 13:50
2.0 2km ENE of Fullerton, CA 2017-02-05 13:26
1.6 3km ESE of Chino Hills, CA 2017-02-05 12:05
0.8 6km SW of Chino Hills, CA 2017-02-05 04:39
0.5 8km N of Fontana, CA 2017-02-04 21:55

Like I always do, I was just about to make a note of the slightest shaking under my feet here in the basement, when practically at the same moment or the very next moment I heard the ICE ON THE LAKE CRACK!!! But, was that just the slight shaking that I was feeling under my feet??? Haven't had the moments it might take to calculate that possibility, but can tell you it seemed very much to be so!!! And surely possible that there is a LOT of ice out there on Lake Koshkonong and always known to crack like that, although I've never yet actually caught it doing that beyond being in the basement nearby and hearing it. With the one exception of just now feeling some movement. . . and hearing it all happen apparently at the same time and as a result possibly of some movement of that many miles long and wide sheet of ice, that may now be growing due to tempertures yesterday and today now below twenty degrees. You might have heard it mentioned on this weeks "Earthquake Minute" in case you missed it, now you may go back and either watch or go to the transcript, although I don't beleive Lake Koshkonong was in the transcript so you might have to watch the vid. Thank-You for watching, too!!!

Big one shook the islands of the Caribbean on Friday, but didn't make either Fridays EQ Blog, or "Earthquake Minute" because I never noticed it on my phone. Here's that USGS Report and the felt reports are pretty much all the islands such as Guadalupe and Dominica there:

5.6 - 62km ENE of Sainte-Marie, Martinique

Something else could come along and this next earthquake isn't exactly that important in and of itself so I might remove it entirely with not even any mention. For now it looked big enough to me to post so for now here's a 3.4 near Yellowstone:

3.4 - 50km WNW of West Yellowstone, Montana
2017-02-03 13:35:40 UTC

Nearby Places:
Grahams Place, Montana 16.4 km (10.2 mi) SW
Rexburg, Idaho 103.0 km (64.0 mi) N
Bozeman, Montana 116.4 km (72.3 mi) SSW
Ammon, Idaho 143.8 km (89.3 mi) N
Helena, Montana 206.0 km (128.0 mi) S

Seemingly less important than the Yellowstone Earthquake there, is the fact that this one shook Hollywood, but at a smaller magnitude:

1.5 - 4km SSE of West Hollywood, CA
2017-02-04 02:24:42 UTC

Nearby Places:
2.5 Miles SSE of West Hollywood, CA
3.1 Miles SSW of Hollywood, CA
3.7 Miles W of MacArthur Park, CA
3.7 Miles ESE of Beverly Hills, CA
3.7 Miles NE of Culver City, CA

Not sure why I said Hollywood was less important! Would you LOOK at the list of nearby places!!! Beverly Hills, Culver City, even Hollywood itself is on that list!!! Talk about important, what would it be like if Hollywood became the epicenter of the next big California Earthquake!!! This next one, also small, was sort of nearby, too, making this region a very shaky place to be watching to see what happens next, there:

1.0 - 4km S of Highland Park, CA, 2017-01-29 09:46

Nearby Places:
2.5 Miles South of Highland Park, CA
3 Miles SW of South Pasadena, CA
3.7 Miles ENE of Los Angeles, CA
3.7 Miles NNW of East Los Angeles, CA
3.7 Miles East of Echo Park, CA

There was also these two at about the same epicenter in Northern California, however this was late on Friday:

3.0 19km NE of Redway, California 2017-02-03 16:18
3.9 20km NE of Redway, California 2017-02-03 16:13

Sorry to say it looks like this week is starting off with LOS ANGELES shaking!!! Sorry more to say we must now watch that region and be prepared! Next big one could be very soon, there!!! God Bless!!! EQ Guy

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