Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4.0 Richters San Francisco Earthquake!!! HUGE Felt Report!!! New EQ Alert For Frisco and California!!!???

That alert for California will END on August 22 with no more chance of being continued as of this writing, because I was even wondering myself what all the shaking is all about! There may be new additional alerts that could come to cover California, and as we all very well know California IS right there on that shaky, shaky tectonic plate boundary so there is ALWAYS a chance something big could happen! While there do still remain TWO other Major Alerts the 7.0 and 7.9 for Caribbean and Santiago respectively it does not appear either of these should send their full force directly to California or our West Coast and therefore I may not add any alerts, but there is all that new Earthquake Energy just saying. Could have something to do with all the shaking, but hopefully California and West Coast won't be directly affected by those big current alerts!

Felt Report from 4.0 San Francisco Earthquake of 8:47am Central Time is now posted for you to check it out at Earthquake Central: http://eqalert.blogspot.com/2015/08/40-san-francisco-earthquake-with.html

As of this writing, although I'm not exactly too sure how official this next story is, it now looks like there could be something serious going on around San Francisco due to this here story I just got a copy of sent to me!!! Here's the story about chance for something Major to shake Frisco, soon!!!? @ http://beforeitsnews.com/earthquakes/2015/08/breaking-earthquake-strikes-san-francisco-again-at-hayward-fault-second-time-four-weeks-geologists-warn-of-a-big-one-2546202.html

Watching East Coast and Caribbean for 7 Richters, and Russia/Santiago/Pacific Islands for 7.9 Richters and that could be a tsunami for some of those regions, too!!! And it looks like we'll be watching California for something. . . but I'll see what I can find and get back to you with it in tomorrows EQ Blog! EQ Guy

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