Thursday, August 13, 2015

6.4 Solomon Islands Along With 6.6 There On August 9, Could Both Be In The Wake Of Landfall of Typhoon Soudelor at Taiwan!!! UPDATE: 4.0 North of Reno Epicenter!!! New Moon Window Starts!

UPDATE: At 4:31am Pacific Time there was a 4.0 at that shaky 50 or 100 Miles North of Reno Epicenter with so far one felt report and update in tomorrows EQ Blog. Also, August New Moon Window will begin at 11:55am Pacific Time on August 13 with Exact Moment at 11:55am August 14, Keep Watching!!! NOW Todays previously written EQ Blog:

Had to double-check about where that straight line of potential Major Earthquake Energy would have been running in the wake of the landfall of Typhoon Soudelor now going on a week ago on August 7, 2015 and does look like both Wednesdays 6.4 and also a 6.6 on August 9th were very much in the wake of that landfall. This is quite a lot of earthquake energy on display and actually happening along a line that we definately already know for sure is going to be responsible for some major shaking, so 6.4 and 6.6 showing up along it now tells me we will need to watch especially Santiago, Chile next along that line and then Russia and it is probable BOTH of those could get Major Shaking that I have already previously listed at about 7.9 Richters! You may combine 6.4 and 6.6 to come out at about whatever magnitude they could possibly equal in the event that the same movement at either of those other spots happens to take place in ONE Major Earthquake Event. . . but I'm putting it at about a 7.9 Richters Earthquake!

For whatever reason Oklahoma is starting to show up as a possible player in the current Earthquake Shaking with a total of 48 for the week when I expanded the following list from the lasts 24 hours. Here is the 24 hours list and I even just now went and expanded that one a few miles because I noticed one to the left of the others and it added the third one down at Fort Stockton, Texas which in fact does look a little bit important there on the list, now, too!!!

3.5 20km W of Perry, Oklahoma 2015-08-12 23:15:26
2.7 10km E of Medford, Oklahoma 2015-08-12 19:36:59
3.0 32km WNW of Fort Stockton, Texas 2015-08-12 15:49:21
1.8 18km E of Anthony, Kansas 2015-08-12 13:29:55
1.8 7km NNE of Anthony, Kansas 2015-08-12 11:26:23
1.9 7km NNE of Anthony, Kansas 2015-08-12 10:37:02
2.8 23km E of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2015-08-12 09:11:52
2.8 20km W of Perry, Oklahoma 2015-08-12 08:49:56
2.9 13km SE of Medford, Oklahoma 2015-08-12 08:36:59
2.7 6km N of Irving, Texas 2015-08-12 06:13:28
1.9 13km NE of Edmond, Oklahoma 2015-08-12 03:54:40
2.1 3km SSE of Caldwell, Kansas 2015-08-12 02:25:09

Never mind that Texas is not actually even Oklahoma. . . just caught that one as I was about to move on and talk about a 2.4 Richters Earthquake that struck San Jacinto, California also on Wednesday and noticed Texas, but the fact that I believe the conversation was originally about Oklahoma therefore I ask to be excused for incorporating it looks like two Texas Earthquakes into that above list concerning the fact that "Oklahoma" is shaking! Guess you might have to say Oklahoma AND Texas are shaking. Anyways when I went back and now double-checked that list for the week which I said came to 48. . . it also looks like about a dozen of THOSE were also listed as Kansas, too!

Some of the other places that it looks like also might be in the wake of Typhoon Soudelor there include Tuvalu, American Samoa, Niue, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands and of course French Polynesia. All of these leading directly to that extremely shaky Santiago, Chile Region and are reminiscent of the big earthquake there in 2010 on February 27, just after Tropical Cyclone Oli hit French Polynesia on February 4, 2010 with 135 mph winds!!! @ COULD Be about time for Santiago to Shake like that again!!! Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

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