Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hurricane Danny Now a Category 3 in Atlantic!!! ALSO: This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" Went Very Well, Too!!! UPDATE: 4.9 Martinique!!!

UPDATE: Early Saturday there was a 4.9 Richters Earthquake at Martinique and that could be a foreshock for that 7 we're watching for and that was also the island with that volcano that killed all 30,000. . . except that prisoner who was in Solitaire as heard on last weeks "Earthquake Minute"! Watch Caribbean for MORE!!! Thrre was also a 3.7 Mammoth Lakes, California! Now Todays EQ Blog:

Looks like the real bad news today could be the latest forecast for now Category 2 Hurricane Danny and it is looking like they are forecasting it to travel safely in between the far Southern tip of Florida. . . and directly into probably the Gulf of Mexico and possibly a landfall at Texas!!! Here's a pic of that Spaghetti from NOAA:
OF COURSE the next thing they did was UPGRADED Danny to a CAT-3. . . . . only to apparently downgrade it now to a CAT-2 if you can possibly believe all of the different sources for that type of information! Big Windstorm just the same and clearly headed directly for some of the more heavilly populated regions around Florida and Gulf of Mexico!!!

Fridays "Earthquake Minute" went real well and here is a link to the transcript for you to view it for yourself at EQ Blog-3: As of this writing I have not yet obtained all the correct permissions to replay the actual version heard on the radio, but Thank-You for Listening live if you were there online to hear the show Friday! Don't forget you can always cruise over to the station website and hear The Real Jaguar's Friday show with "Earthquake Minute" in about the last 10 minutes or so of the show at the Archives@ AND That link goes directly to the archives section THEREFORE it will not be updated at this blog and you will need to scroll all the way down to August 21 and find "Who Cooks For You" and CLICK Play. You can advance the player to the final half-hour if you wish, and Fridays show will only be posted about two weeks. Thereafter all of this section of todays EQ Blog will be more or less useless. . . except for a lot of the remainder of the year 2015 the show will probably still come up on there somewhere and you may still find ME!!!

Well, this just in!!! Looks like there will be a Full Moon coming!!! Just now saw the moon high overhead driving home from Lake Geneva tonight and so I thought I should look and check! Found it will be full next Saturday Night! Full Moon Window will start next Friday, August 29th at 1:38pm Central Time, 11:38am Pacific. There will be a lot of shaking going on next week if not sooner!!! Meanwhile watch Santiago, Chile, and Pacific Islands for that 7.9 with a tsunami and all the other places that we've been watching!!! I'll be back on Monday with updates on all the big windstorms currently circling the globe and sooner if anything major shakes!!! EQ Guy

More earthquake stuff I wrote about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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