Monday, August 10, 2015

Time To Start Watching The Hayward And Cascadia Faults as 3.3 Richters Shakes San Francisco and 6.9 Solomon Islands!!! MUCH MORE To Come!!!!!

Hello, as I'm writing this late Sunday Night there is quite a lot happening right this moment as I am throwing together a Monday Morning EQ Blog! Just enough that there was the following San Francisco Earthquake that showed up from earlier Sunday Afternoon, but in the moments before I post this, wouldn't you know a 6.9 Richters would strike Solomon Islands! Nevertheless here is that 3.3 Richters that struck Offshore 9 Miles West of San Francisco Golden Gate!!! Here's Felt Report at Earthquake Central:

Wouldn't you also probably know that I have at least one already written out note telling me to write in todays EQ Blog that such a MAJOR SHAKING of the Pacific Tectonic Plate as we can now virtually count on as the result of the weekends horrendous landfall of Typhoon Soudelor!!! First at Taiwan and next at China and all together going to create probably the biggest earthquake to date at least for 2015 and looks like it promises to be bigger and do more damage than Kathmandu 2015, too!!!!! So, anyways all the notes I was referring to say "Hayward Fault" and are a reference to the fact that the Hayward Fault in the San Francisco Region East Bay could be one of the places we should be watching!!! You might recall the Hayward Fault has done some serious shaking recently and with all that is going on I was going to just suggest today to watch there. . . and yes that was before this 3.3 Richters Earthquake that you might now even want to call a game changer! Watch that Hayward Fault and there's been a lot of talk about the Cascadia Fault to the north of there, too!

Prior to all that happening there was a 2.2 Richters Earthquake that struck 8 Miles Northwest of Annapolis, Maryland!!! Here's the, Now Updated on Monday, Felt Report@

Of course we can't forget that there is still some additional Major Earthquake Energy headed along the East Coast there such as the 2.2 Maryland Earthquake reminded us of on Sunday! LOTS more where that came from and it makes it very likely they'll keep right on a shaking until that 7 Richters of Major Earthquake Energy shows up somewhere along there possibly Caribbean, too!!! Be Watching there and Hayward/Cascadia Faults and don't forget China/Russia, too!!! EQ Guy

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