Thursday, October 15, 2015

3.5 Richters Strikes Big Bear City, California!!! So, Keep Watching California For 4.5 Richters Following Those Oklahoma Earthquakes!!!

This here story just sort of looks a little bit more important than all of the October New Moon stuff that I was intending to write about in todays EQ Blog until the 3.5 Richters Earthquake struck Near Big Bear City early on Wednesday and I saw how big the felt report was! Remember that they had TWO 4.4 and a 4.5 Oklahoma Earthquakes and so we are naturally watching California for the same!!! As a result of all that here is the felt report from the 3.5 Big Bear Lake Earthquake@ AND we should continue watching for more like 4.5 Richters due to Oklahoma Earthquakes religiously shaking California NEXT!!! That means it is almost a sure thing California will be getting a 4.4 and a 4.5 and probably right on time, too!

The list of earthquakes that struck during the October New Moon Window is now complete and in addition to the 5.4 Richters San Cristobal Earthquake, includes a 5.4 Near Wellington, New Zealand, a 4.5 near Messina, Italy, a 5.9 Kamchatka, Russia with several big aftershocks, a 4.5 Near Rhodes Island, Greece, and finally one that shook just 15 minutes after the exact moment of course Oklahoma at 2.8 Richters.

I have said in previous EQ Blogs that I was going to run a complete list of all the places that could shake beyond that Turkey 5.4 but in the meantime and since I have been far too busy to dig all that out, I am now thinking that the main concern there is still the fact that Turkey could itself still get something in the area of upwards of 7 Richters so let us keep watching there for a few days, yet! Of course remember that whole region in general could be affected including Russia!

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Anonymous said...

What do you think about far northern Ca probability?

The EQ Alert Guy said...

Keep watching all of California because it is looking like the Pacific will continue shaking for a while yet, with still another landfall of a big typhoon striking right this moment!
Yes, Northern California could get some of all the shaking, too!!!
Thank-You for writing!!!

EQ Guy