Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MORE California Shaking Following MORE Oklahoma Earthquakes!? ALSO: Here's This Weeks New Edition of "Earthquake Minute"!!!

WATCH At YouTube@ https://youtu.be/1FFhwD085Uo

LOOKS like the October New Moon Window started on the night of October 11 at 7:07pm with the exact moment of the New Moon being 7:07pm the night of October 12 and will run all the way through October 13th. This would probably be a good time to say this will increase the likelihood of earthquakes and in the case of this specific alert it will mean the end of the New Moon Window as Wednesday comes to an end. Somehow I did not catch the date and did not see it say new moon in my local newspaper where I usually get this information! I will check after the New Moon Window is over for the total of all the notable earthquakes that happened.

I want to say that the Hurricane Joaquin landfall at Bahamas might be connected to all the Oklahoma Earthquakes they're getting especially in recent days as big as one 4.4, and one 4.5 actually! That will probably mean there will be more Potential Earthquake Energy striking California although there had been no alerts up to this point for California!!! Now there might be and does that have anything to do with fracking going strong in Oklahoma. . . and causing California to shake? Or did all that earthquake energy from the landfall of Hurricane Joaquin at Bahamas shake Oklahoma FIRST, and then possibly California NEXT!? Either way all roads seem to lead to California right now and so expect that as usual, and I'm now saying "As Usual" because it's starting to now be a regular thing, California will probably get the same two 4.5 Richter Earthquakes as Oklahoma very soon! Or maybe Nevada will get them first, but we do know for sure one or both will get them!!! EQ Guy

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