Wednesday, May 25, 2016

3.5 Richters Earthquake Strikes Near Rancho Cucamonga, California!!! 2 More In Ecuador!!!

Here's the felt report from the 3.5 Richters Earthquake that struck Rancho Cucamonga, California now at Earthquake Central@ AND The US Geological Survey Report abbreviated here:

3.5 - 7km NW of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

2016-05-23 21:28pm Central Time

Nearby Places
4 Miles NW of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
5 Miles N of Upland, CA
7 Miles NE of Claremont, CA
7.5 Miles NNE of Montclair, CA
8 Miles N of Ontario, CA

Just happens to be very close to where I worked at Ontario, California and I also just noticed 86 Felt Reports came from Rancho Cucamonga themselves!!! Also 27 from Ontario, and it was also felt in Pasadena, and Whittier, too. Here's two more that struck Ecuador where it should hopefully be all over with soon. . . that is unless they get some of the new shaking from landfall of that cyclone at Bangladesh. Here's those two shakers:

4.6 30km SE of Muisne, Ecuador 2016-05-24 16:03:17
4.7 15km E of Azogues, Ecuador 2016-05-24 11:35:22

One more chance to check out this weeks Mt. St. Helens-Mount Hood Volcano "Earthquake Minute" VIDEO From Inside The Radio Station!!! CLICK Arrow: Check Out The Vid at YouTube@ AND See The Transcript@

A check revealed that right at the moment there is nothing going on apparently at Mount Hood, Oregon at least what shows up on USGS, however it does appear Mt. St. Helens Volcano continues to come up with a steady stream of the tiniest shakers and the whole big entire list is now updated at Earthquake Central @ There was also a 3.1 at Cayucos, California up there along the Pacific just north of Morro Bay and just outside San Luis Obispo near Paso Robles. Hard to imagine what such an earthquake there must have felt like for just the few folks living up there along Highway 1 although it was felt in Bakersfield, too, so apparently many must have felt it although didn't report it. EQ Guy

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