Friday, May 6, 2016

Looks Like Coachella Is Coming To An End!!! BUT North Of Reno Is Starting UP!!!!! UPDATE: Coachella "Earthquake Minute" Recorded LIVE In-Studio!!!

To Watch This Weeks Coachella "Earthquake Minute" Recorded LIVE in the studio at WORT-FM in Madison, CLICK Arrow: You can also view Coachella "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ See The Transcript@ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

I suppose that headline could be a little confusing. . . because the actual music festival by the same name must have ended in late April and the Major Earthquake Swarm that followed is now coming to an end likewise! Never really came right out and said the two were connected, but I can tell you such correlations are basically what I do here as most of my regular readers pretty much already know!!! Here's the maybe for one last time Now, updated list of Coachella, California Shakers @

But now the big news is 80 more shakers at a place just north of Reno, so my idea was to only print the ones that continued to show up when I expanded the list to 2.5 and bigger. . . and here they are because the other ENTIRE list was just too big I had no idea how to post it:

3.0 7km NW of Gerlach-Empire, Nevada 2016-05-05 22:54:52
2.5 9km NW of Gerlach-Empire, Nevada 2016-05-05 18:17:28
3.5 13km NW of Gerlach-Empire, Nevada 2016-05-05 18:11:45
2.8 11km NW of Gerlach-Empire, Nevada 2016-05-05 02:20:17

There might be some mystery as to why the latest information on that big New Zealand Volcano is saying that the ash from it is turning the mountain GREEN!!! Wanted to run that pic, but here's the link to the story for anyone who is wondering what that's all about: CAN'T help also running this pic that I found in the process of locating that above story! This pic has nothing to do with anything:
OF COURSE, I have been known to paint an occasional "Oil On Canvas" and I guess I was just looking at this one and figuring out how I might go about that? Maybe "Colored Pencil On Canvas"?

So tune it today between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time, and click Listen Live to see if your old buddy The EQ Guy will be hitting the airwaves@ AND those of you who have been known to hear "Earthquake Minute" over the Pacifica Radio Network will have to listen to my local radio station edition this week due to me NOT wanting to announce over the air in Los Angeles that Coachella was shaking!!!!! So, Tune-In!!! EQ Guy

There's a lot of my very best earthquake stuff in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

In the event you're reading this because you heard "Earthquake Minute" on one of the big Radio Networks somewhere, I have a page with all my "Bio Information" from my EQ Radio Show@ and it will have a lot of answers and some of my best stuff! Thank-You For Listening, Too!!! EQ Guy

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