Thursday, May 12, 2016

5.0 Richters Strikes New Zealand!!! Yet Another Few Small Earthquakes Show Up On Seismograph At Mount Saint Helens Volcano!!!

This big New Zealand Earthquake upon looking at the map does not appear to be immediatley near that volcano that was having all the trouble last week, but I will need to check the New Zealand site to find the complete felt report since USGS does not get all the reports there:

5.0 - 19km SSW of Murupara, New Zealand

2016-05-11 08:44am Central Time

Nearby Places
11 Miles SSW of Murupara, New Zealand
28 Miles E of Taupo, New Zealand
38 Miles SSE of Rotorua, New Zealand
47 Miles SE of Tokoroa, New Zealand
206 Miles NNE of Wellington, New Zealand

And upon checking prior to press time, found all of the following earthquakes there in addition to just the one above! And YES, many felt reports from that one as well as one other one listed as a 5.2 on their list, however I don't see one matching that size here. . . and the numbers were a thousand felt reports from the above listed one and two thousand from possibly the one on the top of the following list that might have been much nearer a populated area, however these are all still not real large earthquakes I hope everybody understands:

4.8 6km W of Masterton, New Zealand 2016-05-11 14:55:17
4.5 13km W of Masterton, New Zealand 2016-05-11 14:15:32
5.0 19km SSW of Murupara, New Zealand 2016-05-11 08:44:22
4.4 23km ESE of Christchurch, New Zealand 2016-05-11 03:45:53

This one was felt in San Diego however several miles south of there as you can see by the distance to Ensenada and Phoenix:

4.4 - 36km ENE of Colonia Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

2016-05-11 04:03am Central Time

Nearby Places
22 Miles ENE of Colonia Vicente Guerrero, Mexico
47 Miles W of San Felipe, Mexico
79 Miles SE of Maneadero, Mexico
89 Miles SE of Ensenada, Mexico
274 Miles SW of Phoenix, Arizona

And this weeks local radio edition of "Earthquake Minute" as recorded live in the studio is getting many views and Thank-You for watching! If you haven't yet seen it, Check It Out! CLICK Arrow: You can also view Coachella "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ See The Transcript@

Three more earthquakes have struck near Mt. St. Helens!!! But still Loooooooong way from Major Eruption!!! At least we can say it probably will not be today!!!

0.5 37km NNE of Amboy, Washington 2016-05-11 11:25:57
0.1 38km NNE of Amboy, Washington 2016-05-11 06:01:16
0.1 33km NNE of Amboy, Washington 2016-05-10 21:52:29

And I almost hate to sound like I'm trying to fill an entire EQ Blog entry with just links to other stuff, but before I go here's a link from yesterday that will take you to the transcript for Pacifica Radio Network "Earthquake Minute" yesteday about Mt. St. Helens@ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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In the event you're reading this because you heard "Earthquake Minute" on one of the big Radio Networks somewhere, I have a page with all my "Bio Information" from my EQ Radio Show@ and it will have a lot of answers and some of my best stuff! Thank-You For Listening, Too!!! EQ Guy

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