Friday, April 18, 2014

6.2 at Balleny Islands, 6.0 Solomon Islands!!! Hokaido and Urkutsk Next!!! AND San Fernando/Tijuana???

Thursday started out very good from the stand point of continually watching for where the next major shaker would be. I was in a momentary state of shock upon seeing 6.2 at Balleny Islands Region! I must have immediately known it meant very close to Macquarie Island or exactly where we had been watching for the major shaker to strike as a result of the landfall far north of there at North of Cairns, Australia.

Now it appears to be certain Hokaido, Japan will be getting some of this earthquake energy heading up in that area, and also a Russian area or city known as Urkutsk and Kamchatka. The thing that remains in question is the fact that we want to figure out as best as we can, where those 8.2 Richters Earthquakes are heading! Now if my calculations are correct it does not appear they are moving in this here north and south direction along the line of earthquake energy generated by the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Ita at North of Queensland, Australia on April 10 and 11, 2014 due to the fact that it looks like Thursdays 6.2 at Balleny Islands is more like about how much earthquake energy I believe we are watching for.

As a result that leaves the Major Earthquake energy as a result of the landfall at Madagascar of Tropical Cyclone Hellen which had already been suspected of having been a player in the 8.2 at Chile. . . and now it could also become the Major Earthquake Energy heading directly for San Fernando and Tijuana which you could say is exactly what we did NOT want to hear!!! Sorry, but the 6.2 at that south Triple Plate Junction is not lying! It could of and should have been a much bigger earthquake and I suppose you could say we might still watch a few days, yet, but if nothing else happens the good news is there is only about a 6.2 heading for Japan. . . the bad news is there is an 8.2 heading for our West Coast!!!

We will need to see something major yet around Wake Island, Easter Island, or Hawaii, however it could reach our West Coast without any notice at all, so be watching! But probably out in the Pacific for a few days yet and let's just hope something shakes out that way as an indication! And watch Japan because they are sort of next in line and could shake at any moment and we should still think all the way up to 8.2 or so because we do not know yet for sure on that big one that is out there! Might want to start watching around Banda Aceh and Phuket, Sumatra, Indonesia only due to them being located up along that tectonic plate boundary, I do not have any earthquake energy headed directly for them, you know, just as a precaution for now.

Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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