Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Full Moon Window WITH That Total Eclipse!!!!! Watching For Major Earthquake, Too!!! 8.2 And 8.2 Coming!!!

As the sky clears up around my part of the country I am on the verge of getting an optimum view of this eclipse that has been all over in the news! Just now viewed the wonderful Full Moon high in the Southern Sky and as soon as I am finished here I will be catching and photographing the entire thing, or as much as you can see at 2:45am!!!

In the mean time it will be the height of the April Full Moon Window and let us plan on running the full moon window through Tuesday and perhaps into Wednesday a little just as a precaution. First let us see what we come up with as far as earthquakes are concerned with the one alert currently headed out into the Pacific Islands we are sure to get some major aftershocks of both or either of the PNG New Guinea, or the Solomon Islands 8.2! One of those shaky spots out in the middle of the Pacific will most likly do some shaking it is just a matter of how much shaking and how close to the exact moment of the full moon all the shaking will be going on at!

Here is this weeks EQ V-Log:

Finally, I haven't decided what to do with the potential San Francisco/San Bernardino Alert, however here is what I'm thinking. . . since the San Francisco angle was basically the result of one of the locations where another big Tropical Cyclone had made landfall was very near the recent one, it occurred to me I could hardly submit such an assertion to real and true professional earthquake folks such as my friends at CEPEC and NEPEC. No, rather it would have to contain enough information so as to more or less physically point to a much more specific location than just the events found in an old newspaper albeit a huge story. Weighty as it is and might sound, San Francisco is only now being included due to one other major correlation and as a result might not be in the cross-hairs of all this new upcoming Major Earthquake Energy. I say it is, but real professionals could not be swayed into any action beyond reading my material themselves and I honestly do not really have too much more than that. The other factoid I might submit would be the straight line across the San Fernando Valley could cause the San Andreas Fault to kick a little in the direction of Frisco and possibly the Triple Plate Junction (TPJ), but that in itself is even somewhat of a long-shot with that ominous straight-line traveling right through the heart of that valley so as to bisect it. All bets are on San Fernando who by the way actually had a small shaker early on Monday for what it's worth. So I will stay with the predicted magnitude range of 6.5 to 7.9 and San Fernando to Tijuana at least for now.

And it must yet cross the Hawaii Region and possibly shake out there, too! Having spent considerable time working on this I also came up with one from the past known today as the "Mettler Swarm" and want to note that the "Grand Finale" DOES NOT lose any of its punch at all with these swarms, and foreshocks such as might be what struck Solomon Islands Sunday! COULD be the whole entire force of that 8.2 Richters crossing the Pacific Tectonic Plate and headed directly for San Fernando/Tijuana!!!!! All of it!!!!! There were also a number of those like that there prior to the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004, too! AND they hardly damped down the size of that one! Be Watching because there could still be 8.2 and 8.2 out there with one crossing and one coming up the shore from Chile and Nicaragua!!! AND Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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