Monday, April 14, 2014

LOOKS Like Next Big California Earthquake Could Be 8.2 San Francisco!!!??? San Bernardino??? Full Moon Window Starts NOW!!!

Actual moment of the April 2014 Full Moon will be tomorrow morning at 2:45am Central, 12:45am Pacific and so the April Full Moon Window already started at those times today!!! WATCH For lots of shaking!!!

Haven't decided yet if this should be my next "Official Prediction". . . or if you are simply reading it here right now and that will be the end of it because all that Major Earthquake Energy that appears to have just now crossed at The Solomon Islands might be either the same exact earthquake energy already headed for San Fernando (See recent prediction link below) or now a lot of brand new Major Earthquake Energy with San Francisco as a possible epicenter! So, I went and checked the Hurricane Card to see what day we were at on that Official Prediction from the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen at Madagascar and found that we are now at Day-14 after that landfall. The reason I wanted to know was because all of the brand new huge Major Earthquake Energy out in the Pacific at Solomon Islands seemed like quite a lot for just that landfall of Tropical Cyclone Ita a couple days ago and it occurred to me the previous landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen might have been a factor in Solomon Islands when I then realized the line of Earthquake Energy from that big windstorm DID run right through that area and very near the North Island of New Zealand! IF, just IF this is the case. . . then I want to remind everybody reading this now that was the line of major Earthquake Energy heading directly for San Fernando Valley and the Tijuana Region!!! I extrapolated all this with the fact that there was an almost identical fault line involved in the Solomon Islands series identical to the long straight run of San Andreas to the curve at San Bernardino. . . and though possibly add San Francisco and San Bernardino to this already dangerous alert and possibly to the Official Prediction as well, haven't decided what to do there, yet.
CLUSTER at Left struck with landfall of Ita, Cluster at right was 8.2 / 7.6 Solomon Islands there where bend in "San Andreas" is identical to San Bernardio, almost Downtown!!! Also that offshoot fault line there is coincidentally also the very route of Tropical Cyclone Ita! Complete with yellow dot where an earthquake must have struck while T.C. Ita was directly on top of this fault line, F.Y.I.

The existing Official Prediction to which I may now want to add San Francisco/San Bernardino is at HOWEVER among the problems I will have to deal with as I decide what I'm going to do here is the fact that I believe San Francisco/San Bernardino goes up to more in the 8.2 or 8.3 Range due to all the huge shaking they're getting and San Fernando/Tijuana is sort of inline for this one, too. Therefore I suppose I could simply add Frisco to the existing O.P. and note the higher possible Magnitude. . . but it does sort of still seem like this would then be a whole entirely new O.P./EQ Alert, so I guess I'm still not sure what I'm going to do there. Until then watch San Francisco for up to 8.2 Richters because one of the locations where previous big Tropical Cyclones have made landfall along that Eastern Shore of Australia is the location of the big Tropical Cyclone that preceded the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906!!! Just Sayin'

Here is the latest list of all the Earthquakes in the Solomon Island series updated as of Sunday and the 7.6 downgraded to a 7.4: AND Yes, it does seem like there was just an 8.2 downgraded to a 7.6, and now a 7.6 downgraded to a 7.4 and YES, it does complicate things, but the ability to keep track of such complex procedures is going to inevitably have to just become what it takes into the future to track earthquake energy in this manner. . . . . or they could quit downgrading everything all the time, too.

Might also watch around Hawaii, and the latest on the other side of the Pacific, or US. . . is that 6.6 Nicaragua could also mean heading for West Coast after traveling up from Chile 8.2 so either way it doesn't look too good for California!!! And watch the next few days with the full moon, too! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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