Saturday, April 26, 2014

Will Anchorage Be Next Major Earthquake? 6.6 to 8.9 Richters? San Fernando/Tijuana Alert Continues, Too!!! New Moon Window Starts Sunday!!!

And of course all the other questions about such a possible event such as when and exactly where abouts in that huge Alaskan Region as well as if it will be or could possibly be one of those that generate a huge tsunami. For now you can go directly to the link and check this brand new Official Prediction out right now at: Further, the April New Moon Window will start at exactly 6:18 UTC early Monday Morning or 1:18am Central and 11:18pm late Sunday Night Pacific time and even earlier Alaska Time so we will already need to start watching that region very close starting on Sunday and the New Moon Window will run all the way through April 30, 2014 and the final moments of the month of April 2014 with the exact moment of the New Moon falling at 1:18am Tuesday Morning Central, 11:18pm late Monday Pacific Time.

Prior to doing the write up and submitting that O.P. today, I threw together The Weekly EQ Podcast which has a fairly good explanation all about what's going on, or might be going on up in Alaska around the Denali Fault and you can hear that by clicking the arrow:
Actually got a comment on that one from a guy who noted that my video wasn't working! Answer=It's a Podcast, or audio/sound version as I'm sure a lot of you already have figured out but I'm sorry for those of you who haven't yet heard of a "Podcast" and I usually try to explain this because I fully understand not everyone will know the abbreviation "V-Log" and such, but Thank-You for watching and listening to all my V-Logs and Podcasts anyways!!!

With all the discussion about the fact that the Pacific Tectonic Plate will be turning towards Alaska, I thought I should also mention that there will still be the EQ Alert/Official Prediction for San Fernando/Tijuana that was originally the result of the fact that there was also another landfall of another huge Tropical Cyclone at Madagascar and the straight line of potential earthquake energy from TC Hellen crossed the Pacific Islands at around 8.2 Richters leaving us also watching the San Fernando Valley through Tijuana Region more or less just out of precaution BUT separate from the alert that is circling the Pacific. . . this one is CROSSING it. San Fernando Valley/Tijuana is still very much an active alert and we will need to continue watching that region of the Pacific Coast for this totally separate Major Earthquake Energy, although hoping it ran its course out there in the Papua New Guinea/Solomon Islands Region and there is nothing now left of all that energy. Just that it could still be out there into May 2014 you know!!!

Seems like it is almost a sure thing that Denali Fault will be shaking very soon! While the total magnitude of this earthquake should only be around the same as the others have most recently been getting or 6.6 to 7.5, there will remain the chance of this being a huge one up in that region and so I am posting that much larger maximum of 8.9 due mostly to the fact that they CAN get them that big up around that Alaska Region!!! Lots of earthquake stuff happening and so it may be time for at least some basic preparations if you are in one of these shaky places!!! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

Of Course the LINK to my book "Bringing Earthquakes To Life": Thank-You for checking out my book, too!!! EQ Guy

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