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After The 7.5 Mexico, and 6.6 PNG. . . . . Will BIG La Habra Aftershock Be NEXT??? Big As 8.2? UPDATE: 4.2 Near Bakersfield!!!

UPDATE: As of 7:15am Central, there has been a 4.3 Near Bakersfield and 23 Miles North of Tehachapi. You can now view the entire felt report so far from that shaker at Earthquake Central:

Early on Friday Morning there was a 7.5 Richters Earthquake that struck Mexico and Shook Mexico City with at least one video showing a wall collapsing in that city! NOW with Chile 8.2, Nicaragua 6.6, and Mexico 7.5 it looks like all this Major Earthquake Energy could be Heading For California! That was when it occurred to me it could be time for an aftershock at La Habra and so I'm now thinking along the lines that might become the exact epicenter for this upcoming potential major shaker that we are so buisily watching the San Fernando Valley for.

Now a 6.6 at PNG and looks like it is the exact same epicenter as all the other New Guinea shakers that immediately followed the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Ita north of Cairns, Australia on April 11. Being right in there in the middle of all these other ones currently going on just seems to make it look like there might be something big going on there, know what I mean? Up to that point I had mostly been watching the major earthquakes track up that Pacific Coast from Chile, to Nicaragua, now to Mexico. . . just knowing California is sort of next inline there! Although I suppose another 6.6 at PNG could simply mean the Pacific Tectonic Plate (PTP) is moving!

The 7.5 Richters Earthquake that struck Mexico on Friday was 125 Miles Southwest of Mexico City and appears to have caused at least a small amount of damage there having seen at least one film clip of shaking followed by a wall crashing down like onto a sidewalk. Then it wasn't too long before there was a 2.7 that struck at La Habra, California and suddenly I realized it might be possible that this now upcoming big shaker or aftershock could strike La Habra!!! Yes, while doing all that watching up in San Fernando it suddenly actually makes more sense that we might watch that shaky epicenter over in the La Habra Area which is after all right there in that range that I've been watching between San Fernando and Tijuana, anyways! Not actually that far from San Bernardino, either, although San Bernardino doesn't really have anything to do with what's going on here right now, now that I think about it. Same as San Francisco eventually was removed from this discussion earlier in the week due to only being correlated by way of a similiar landfall preceeding it over in Australia. . . not enough to go on as far as being able to even convince myself that it could be connected to a potential upcoming earthquake, not quite.

Had a Great Comment in yesterdays EQ Blog if you missed it and you don't have to go back and look, because here it is!!! Anonymous said... "I have been following you for years and you are getting more and more accurate. I have learned a lot from you." April 18, 2014 at 11:25 AM. AND I wrote a nice reply that you will have to go back to yesterdays EQ Blog to see, basically just thanking the anonymous person.

This weeks EQ Podcast with a short discussion about the 7.5 Mexico Earthquake, CLICK Arrow:

Finally the "Amendment" to Official Prediction is complete and in a spiral notebook in handwritten format. . . and should maybe on Saturday be keyed in and posted. Been busy with the leaf blower out back and burning leaves, you know!

WATCH California for earthquakes now, because they are next in line for 8.2 Richters and this movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate is looking very serious!!! Of course California is not sooooooo shaky that I'd expect it to hit 8.2, but there have also been a lot of 6.6's going around, too!!! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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FYI - 7.5 at PNG @ 8:27am Central this morning