Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Do You Think This Might Be Big Los Angeles Earthquake Coming Up??? 6.6 to 8.2???

This is the question I was asking myself today as I discussed the latest George Noory Shows with one of my old friends who never misses Georges Show. Also Art Bell who is reportedly now retired, but I don't have the latest info as to whether Art is exactly retired right at the moment as I'm writing. . . or not. And George Noory is these days also doing a "TV Show" on the internet at: http://www.gaiamtv.com/show/beyond-belief?cid=aff:amb:sh:noory ALTHOUGH that is as much as I know about that right now and I didn't get home that long ago so I haven't had a chance to look into his "TV Show" there quite yet. My friend also said there have been a lot of other great radio show hosts on that "Coast To Coast" network that he routinely listens to and last time I stopped by up there in the more northern part of the state he reported some dificulty pulling in any of the several regional stations that he routinely listens to George Noory on and today I reported to him that I saw where Coast To Coast is on XM/Sirus Radio to his delight he might be going out and investing in a new satellite radio and then keeping me up to date on everything Jim Berkland is saying on the radio these days!!!

Well, as far as if there is really a big 6.6 to 8.2 Richters Earthquake heading for Los Angeles, I went over all of the facts during my drive up to that region today and came up with the fact that the movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate is truly towards the north. . . but could be considered to be lessening with each movement of course having started with an 8.2 at Chile, then 6.6 at Nicaragua, finally 7.5 at Mexico leaving me wondering if the next location that shakes might be a 5.9 and Northern California? So, we would at least notice that and beyond that I have not given too much thought except for the fact that I could not exactly convince myself to believe that we'd be getting anything smaller than that in this here series.

Looks, then, like there probably is something coming!!! And neither do I see any way this could be the end of all the earthquake energy we've been seeing including all the shaking out at Solomon Islands, PNG, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Easter Island, too, and even on Easter Sunday for what that matters. Anyways The movement along the Pacific is probably not done and I also have another for what it's worth story and that is Day 23 after the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen at Madagascar will be Wednesday this week. . . and on Day 23 after the landfall of Super Typhoon Nanmadol at Taiwan on December of 2004 was the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami. So on Wednesday the numbers start to really begin adding up!!! That will be just the first in a long series of days and dates we will need to start watching all the way up to a couple of my all time favorites, Day 42 and Day 43 or the day of the Islamabad Earthquake, Hector Mines Earthquake and others in between! Just correlations, but the earthquakes are very real and truly headed for California!!!

And the earthquakes are running into the BIG MAGNITUDES, too!!! 8.2 happening now several times is just too much Earthquake Energy to be messing around with so be prepared!!! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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