Thursday, April 17, 2014

Swarm at Puerto Rico, Where Would Shaking Be Coming From? ALSO: Someone Blogging ABOUT The EQ Guy!!!

Checking the latest earthquakes I found that it looked like there were a lot of them from Puerto Rico, which isn't all that unusual except that it was enough to go to the map of Puerto Rico and see what the entire list looked like on the map. It was just as I thought! A lot of them all in one place and with the first one being the furthest south, followed by ones further north. . . and then a whole big cluster of them all a few miles offshore and north of that island. Here is the entire list of all those earthquakes at Puerto Rico as of this writing:

I was getting a lot of comments all of the sudden on my V-Log page and so out of curiosity I always check to see where and who all the comments are, of course up to this point all very nice comments, but my regular readers just might want to check out this very nice Dudes blog that has a great story about MEEEEE!!! Check It Out!!!!!

AND of course with the April Full Moon now past we will still need to continue watching for earthquakes crossing the Pacific Tectonic Plate or you might as well just say ocean, on the way towards our West Coast! Up to this point it looks like my final answer on San Bernardino is going to be that it will already be covered by my existing Official Prediction and there will simply be an "Ammendment" to the existing O.P. to discuss the fact that when the line of earthquake energy crosses the Valley. . . it will continue on up over the San Gabriel Mountians and intersect with the San Andreas Fault up around Palmdale and Wrightwood along with the fact that next inline is San Bernardino and since they are already situated between the San Fernando Valley and Tijuana they are already covered by this O.P. and maybe I'll include a pic or two of my reading from the globe/straight-line tool. You can see the existing original Official Prediction @ AND as soon as I get that update or ammendment all written up I will surely have it here, but for now you pretty much already know what it will be all about and are just waiting on me getting some pics of my globe reading! You Are Up to date, so keep watching because I have a feeling it is not the last we've heard of those 8.2 Richters Earthquakes!!! Plural. . . because there have now been TWO!!! And probably MORE Coming!!! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy
Photo of "Blood Moon" Courtesy of EQ Guy

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