Tuesday, September 13, 2016

3.5 Richters Earthquake Struck Along The Hayward Fault Line Near Oakland!!! Just In The Hours Immediately Following That Monday Night Game In Santa Clara, California!!!

You might remember yesterdays EQ Blog and that discussion about the Monday Night Football Game playing up there around the San Francisco Bay Area in Santa Clara to be exact. Well aside from the 49ers win at the expense of a L.A. Rams loss. . . we managed to get that whole game out of the way before anything shook as far as the geology was concerned! That was until in the hours AFTER that game I was just about to shut off the TV and still in the chair upstairs very much watching something and PHONE RANG LOUDLY!!! Had no idea at all whatsoever about what it was going to be? Generally an earthquake that makes the minimum for a text message to go out or 5.5 somewhere around the world. . . and by way of another service anything over a 3.5 striking California. Well, naturally I was thinking Pacific Islands 5.5 when imagine my surprise when I opened my Flip-Phone to see Piedmont, California!!! Only took a fraction of a second to know I'd need to find out where Piedmont was and here it is!!! Very near Oakland and apparently ON the Hayward Fault!!! Felt as far south as Santa Clara although an hour or so after the end of the game there, and one report from Santa Barbara! You may now check out that felt report yourself followed by the USGS Report, here's the felt report@ http://eqalert.blogspot.com/2016/09/35-richters-earthquake-struck-on.html

3.5 - 3km ESE of Piedmont, California
2016-09-13 07:50:22 UTC 37.807°N 122.197°W 4.8 km depth

Nearby Places
Oakland, California 3.0 km (1.9 mi) ENE
Piedmont, California 4.0 km (2.5 mi) ESE
Alameda, California 6.0 km (3.7 mi) NE
Berkeley, California 10.0 km (6.2 mi) SE
San Francisco, California 20.0 km (12.4 mi) E

1.6 3km ESE of Piedmont, California 2016-09-13 13:42 (UTC)
3.5 3km ESE of Piedmont, California 2016-09-13 07:50 (UTC)
1.4 3km NNE of San Leandro, California 2016-09-13 00:29 (UTC)

Prior to that big game starting on Monday, this here was the other big earthquake news since as you can see the epicenter was only a few miles from Los Gatos and Cupertino, although the list of nearby places does not give San Jose or Santa Clara you can take my word for it they are both right in there within just a few miles as well:

2.2 - 1km WSW of Saratoga, California
2016-09-12 11:28:45 UTC 37.261°N 122.038°W 4.2 km depth

Nearby Places:
Saratoga, California 1.0 km (0.6 mi) WSW
Monte Sereno, California 5.0 km (3.1 mi) NW
Los Gatos, California 7.0 km (4.3 mi) NW
Cupertino, California 7.0 km (4.3 mi) S
Campbell, California 8.0 km (5.0 mi) WSW

Here's the North Korean Nuclear "Earthquake Minute" from Friday, CLICK Arrow: You can see North Korea Nuke Test "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ https://youtu.be/6ghQzAzaSEk Transcript is at: http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2016/09/north-korea-nuclear-earthquake-minute.html

Not sure if this here New Edition of Pacifica "Earthquake Minute" has hit the airwaves in S.F. and L.A., but here's the transcript from it since it's a recorded version anyways, and you'll be up-to-date! This is the link to the Pacifica "EQ Min" that may NOT be out yet, so. . .@ http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2016/09/north-korea-nuke-test-pacifica.html

Turkey was very much along the line of Potential Earthquake Energy from landfall of Hurricane Hermine at Florida, and they generally only shake where there's an alert for them too!!! Check this out:

4.3 11km WSW of Akhisar, Turkey, 2016-09-12 09:29 UTC
4.5 5km W of Akhisar, Turkey 2016-09-12 08:26 UTC

Biggest thing that was on my mind the whole time as those two California teams vied out there on the feild along the San Francisco Bay there was not which team would begin the season with a LOSS on their record. . . it was if this was going to be that 8 or 9 Richters Major Earthquake we're watching for around the Pacific and how close that stadium would be to the EPICENTER!!! Well, it's now past and a 3.5 wasn't really too bad of a guess, although some might consider a 3.5 garden variety. . . when they strike ON the Hayward Fault it tells others that there's yet that BIG ONE Coming!!!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Much more earthquake stuff I wrote all about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ http://www.eqalert2.blogspot.com Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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