Monday, September 12, 2016

BIG 5.8 Richters Earthquake Has NOW Struck At SOUTH Korea!!!!! It Was Preceded By a 5.1, Too!!! And WATCH For a Monday Night Football Earthquake, Too!!! L.A. Rams Versus San Francisco 49ers!!!

There turned out to have been TWO earthquakes and the news report, a link appears later, says the first one struck an Elementary School although this was at 8:30pm at night, and a TV fell on an elderly lady who was probably watching TV at that late hour. Sorry to report that this looks very much like an early result of NORTH Korea Nuke Testing!!! Todays EQ Blog has several more stories about such out of the way places now starting to shake!!! Watch because this could be leading to a 10, 11, or 12 Magnitude MAJOR EARTHQUAKE. . . if there is such a thing!!! That says Big Tsunami, too, in case you didn't read that into it!!!

Felt Report from the South Korea Earthquake is in and contains Japan and North Korea, too! Check it out NOW at Earthquake Central@

Here's those two followed by the USGS Report on the bigger one with the times given in Central Time:

5.4 8km S of Kyonju, South Korea, 2016-09-12 6:32am Central Time USA
4.9 14km SW of Kyonju, South Korea, 2016-09-12 5:44am Central Time, USA

USGS Report:

5.4 - 8km S of Kyonju, South Korea
2016-09-12 11:32:54 UTC 35.769°N 129.227°E 10.0 km depth

Nearby Places:
8.3 km (5.2 mi) S of Kyonju, South Korea, Population: 155,237
26.9 km (16.7 mi) NNW of Ulsan, South Korea, Population: 962,865
27.2 km (16.9 mi) SSW of Enjitsu, South Korea, Population: 40,852
31.8 km (19.8 mi) SSW of Pohang, South Korea, Population: 500,000
34.7 km (21.5 mi) SE of Eisen, South Korea, Population: 56,006

Here's more reading on that 5.8 or 5.4 South Korea Earthquake from "Korea Times" @

When I heard there had been a big earthquake in Tanzania, I knew we were going to now be expecting things to be shaking at a lot of the oddest corners of the world!!! Occasionally I have observed that the tectonic plates do not always move in so predictable of a way that as may be the case with this situation and some of the more unusual locations can then become the epicenters!!! There was even a report of a lot of damage and 11 dead in the Tanzania Region with this earthquake! Here's the Felt Report@

Over the weekend there had also been a 4.2 Richters Earthquake just to the East of Vancouver, Canada, Here's the felt report from Vancouver and a lot of the State of Washington, too@

Here's the North Korean Nuclear "Earthquake Minute" from Friday, CLICK Arrow: You can see North Korea Nuke Test "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ Transcript is at:

This is a follow up to a string of earthquakes that began with that now upgraded Big Oklahoma Earthquake, although now somewhat less important, this was still a VERY BIG Earthquake for this region as you can see by the "Nearby Places". While there was a felt report accompanying this USGS Report at one time, let's just assume it was a very large portion of that New Madrid Region there, since Tiptonville is just across the Mississippi River from New Madrid perhaps to the South of there a ways:

3.5 - 10km NNW of Tiptonville, Tennessee
2016-09-09 13:45:37 UTC 36.456°N 89.534°W 10.7 km depth

Nearby Places:
Point Pleasant, Missouri, 3.7 km (2.3 mi) E, Population: 0
Union City, Tennessee, 42.9 km (26.7 mi) W, Population: 10,895
29.2 Miles South of Sikeston, Missouri, Population: 16,318
Dyersburg, Tennessee, 48.6 km (30.2 mi) NNW, Population: 17,145
Nashville, Tennessee, 249.0 km (154.7 mi) W, Population: 530,852

Time to run a link to this story about the next BIGGEST OCEAN SHIP!!! You don't need me to tell you such things are always likely to shake up those tectonic plates once they start traveling especially around the world!!! It's called "Man Made Earthquakes"!!! Here's that Big Ship Story!!! @

This WAS originally my "Big Story" for Monday. . . and that's the fact that L.A. Rams play San Francisco 49ers at Santa Clara TONIGHT on Monday Night Football!!! However, the reason you're reading it here now is not so much to do with the spirit of competition there, as it is the fact that whenever such huge events as Los Angeles versus San Francisco take place under such a huge "EQ Alert" for that region as currently exists it tends to step up the "Earthquake Risk". In this case an already huge Pacific Wide Major Earthquake Watch along with 2 EQ Alerts for that California Region and ONE BIG Football Game Tonight!!! This was the case on December 22, 2003 when there was a big game at Oakland Stadium@ AND the Paso Robles Earthquake struck at around 11am that SAME DAY!!! @ With the major difference being TODAY we're talking North Korea Nuke Test. . . in 2003 I seem to recall it was John Madden walking around in Downtown San Francisco!!! And he reported having felt that earthquake, too!!! So be watching because we know it could happen again!!!

I noticed there has also been a fairly big Easter Island Region Earthquake which you'll find generally means something is about to come a shaking ACROSS the Pacific!!! Although having thought about it. . . this was more like a 5.4 and while that's similar to the North and now South Korea Shakers, it could still be a disguise for an 8 or 9 Richters Earthquake crossing the Pacific!!! Be watching there could be a very dangerous Major Earthquake coming or perhaps now more than one!!! And watch that Monday Night Football Game closely to see if Santa Clara doesn't get some shaking there, too!!! EQ Guy

Much more earthquake stuff I wrote all about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

New Pacifica "Lazy Hazy" Earthquake Minute about a possible BIG California Earthquake!!! YouTube@ Thank-You For Watching!!!

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