Saturday, September 3, 2016

HUGE 5.6 Richters Earthquake Struck 74 Miles North of Oklahoma City at 7:04am Central Time Saturday Morning!!! There Was Also a 5.7 Northern California Earthquake Late Friday!!! WATCH Because NY, NJ, or DC Could Be Next!!!

The felt report on this BIG Oklahoma Earthquake covers much of Texas including Dallas/Fort Worth, into Kansas, and all the way up to Lincoln, Nebraska!!! I'll need to update both of the felt reports on this and the Northern California Earthquake that follows later. Details are just coming in and include a lot of big time damage in Oklahoma and while being reported as a TIE for biggest earthquake there with the 2011 Oklahoma Earthquake, it appears to be much closer to Oklahoma City!!! Could be some damage in OKC yet to come in so I'll surely update on that later, too!!! Here's the USGS Report for the Pawnee, Oklahoma Earthquake

5.6 - 14km NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma
2016-09-03 7:02am Central Time

Longitude: 36.429°N, Latitude: 96.923°W

Depth: 6.6 km

Nearby Places:
4.1 Miles WSW of Masham, Oklahoma, Population: 0
21 Miles SSE of Ponca City, Oklahoma, Population: 25,387
23 Miles NNE of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Population: 45,688
74.1 Miles NNE of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Population: 579,999

This one shook late last night while I was editing the "Earthquake Minute" that will follow here:

5.7 - 103km W of Ferndale, California
2016-09-03 03:27 Universal Time, Central Minus 5, Pacific Minus 7 Hours.

Nearby Places:

Petrolia, California, 116.0 km (72.1 mi) W
Ferndale, California, 118.0 km (73.3 mi) W
Fortuna, California, 128.0 km (79.5 mi) W
Eureka, California, 132.0 km (82.0 mi) WSW
Fort Bragg, California, 192.0 km (119.3 mi) NW
Crescent City, California, 192.0 km (119.3 mi) SW

The felt report from the NorCal Earthquake includes the fact that it was felt in San Francisco, Sonoma, and Sparks, Nevada!!!

At this point I want to remind folks who may not read my EQ Blog on a regular basis that ALL THESE Major Earthquakes do seem to be connected to ALL those Big Hurricanes making landfall right at the moment!!! As you'll notice I discuss in the following edition of "Earthquake Minute" recorded in the studio at WORT-FM, Madison on Friday!!! CLICK Arrow To Watch: VIEW Hurricane Hermine "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ The Transcript Is At:

LOT of big windstorm activity remains out there with the total results from Hurricane Hermine yet to be all in! Another possible landfall yet along our East Coast and we're also already watching all those East Coast places for possible earthquake, too!!! MIGHT wish to view Friday/Thursday's Edition of this EQ Blog where I give a lot of the details on all the windstorms@

KEEP WATCHING For More Major Earthquakes and while I'm only giving the Estimated Magnitude at around 5.5 we might notice they're getting them at 5.5 HOWEVER they're getting them in Northern California, and Oklahoma and New York, New Jersey or Washington DC neighborhoods could be next!!! EQ Guy

There's a lot of my very best earthquake stuff in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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