Monday, September 5, 2016

WHAT Could Be The Source of Earthquake Energy at Oklahoma??? And The Felt Report Is Finally In From Big Oklahoma Earthquake on Saturday!!! Like 3000 Felt Reports Filed With USGS!!! Also: Oklahoma Declared State of Emergency

The latest on that Oklahoma Earthquake is the fact that the two big sources for potential Earthquake Energy that I've been watching right at the moment have been the landfalls of Hurricane Madeline at Hawaii, and Hermine at Florida, neither should much affect Oklahoma although tectonic plates being what they are something might always be possible. . . BOTH of these are generally straight-line type Earthquake Energy. After looking at this one, I declared that it is a bit unusual for a 5.6 out there so far from California and that far from where the landfall of Hurricane Hermine happened at Florida and then it occurred to me COULD THIS BE exclusively caused by Fracking??? It would explain why so big of earthquake even in response to all the landfalling windstorms. . . there's STILL not a good reason and no straight line passes through there. With the other 5.6 having shook at Northern California just a few hours earlier I am also wondering if the shaking didn't first start in Northern California due to the movement of the North American Tectonic Plate then and only then shake Oklahoma possibly only after PUSHING west in that manner with the result AGAIN, being fracking causing California Earthquakes as it seems to have done in the Napa, California Earthquake in 2011.

Felt Report from the 5.6 Oklahoma Earthquake is now in at Earthquake Central @ Although I will still need some more time, yet, to get all of those Longitudes, and Latitudes out of there, it's that new system that requires me to hand data entry all of that info that takes time and there seemed to have for some reason been like 3000 felt reports on that earthquake!!!

There has also just been a 6.3 Richters Earthquake that struck 189 km ESE of Nikol'skoye, Russia. . . or all the way up at the very western end of all the Islands of Alaska where the Russia starts. Didn't see any felt reports, but can say this is happening and we're now officially watching Alaska for a Major Earthquake and it's one that looks like it is going to be heading towards California! More details to come!!!

Looks like Oklahoma Declared a State of Emergency with regards to that 5.6 Richters Earthquake that struck there on Early Saturday Morning. Not a lot of information is available, but I did see one story that said they promised full coverage on Sunday, probably meaning their Sunday Paper there if I recall having been down there myself in 2011 and collecting a lot of such newspapers there! I'll keep watching and have more as I find it! Right now here that story: "Oklahoma Declared Emergency!!!" @

This weeks "Earthquake Minute" deals with landfalling Hurricanes and says to WATCH California, before they shook there!!!!! CLICK Arrow: VIEW Hurricane Hermine "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ The Transcript Is At:

Here's yet another reason we will probably be needing a tsunami alert system for our East Coast along the Atlantic, this one gives the distance from St. Johns Canada for some reason! You may note that it's actually even closer to New York, and maybe Washington, DC there:

5.1 - Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 2016-09-05 20:06:24 UTC

Nearby Places:
1411.3 km (876.9 mi) SW Ribeira Grande, Portugal, Population: 5,198
1530.6 km (951.1 mi) SW Angra do HeroĆ­smo, Portugal, Population: 12,045
2060.3 km (1280.2 mi) SSE Mount Pearl, Canada, Population: 24,671
2062.0 km (1281.3 mi) SSE St. John's, Canada, Population: 99,182

The latest earthquake at the top of this list is Honduras! That's exactly the spot we're watching for maybe a 5.5 about the same tectonic plate movement that hit Oklahoma and this spot is in the wake of the landfall of Hurricane Hermine at Florida:

4.9 73km NNE of Savannah Bight, Honduras 2016-09-05 20:10
4.2 91km W of Masachapa, Nicaragua 2016-09-05 03:06
4.2 36km SSW of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala 2016-09-04 06:14
4.4 87km W of Masachapa, Nicaragua 2016-09-04 05:14
4.6 66km WSW of Masachapa, Nicaragua 2016-09-04 01:31
4.7 15km NW of San Isidro, Costa Rica 2016-09-03 22:06

Finally watch for brand-new Hurricane Newton just named late Monday!!! Check out where it's headed and see if yuou can guess where more earthquakaes might now STRIKE!!!

I'm going to publish this right now and it'll have Mondays date although I can update it if anything more should happen between now and early Tuesday. I have quite a bit of other info that I'd been gathering over the weekend, but I've also been very busy tubing the Wisconsin River, too, so for now here's the latest!!! EQ Guy

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