Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friday Will Be The Date Given For New Zealand Earthquake at 7.8, So Watch For BIG Earthquake There, And Well Within New Moon Window, Too!!! Also Northern California and Seattle!!! Now "10 Prediction Friday Earthquake Minute" VIDEO!!!

UPDATE: 10 Prediction Friday "Earthquake Minute" VIDEO Recorded In-The-Studio!!! CLICK Arrow: WATCH 10 Prediction Friday at YouTube@ The Transcript is @

NEW MOON Window Officially started on Thursday Night at 7:13pm Central Time and 5:13pm Pacific with the Exact Moment now coming up on Friday at those same times.

I'll note that the date has probably came and went that I gave for the "Seattle Earthquake" although I'm carefully watching the Earthquake Energy migrate north through California and so want to give this a few more days to happen and simply say it was a few days after the date I gave. Also now happening on September 30 or Friday, will be the date I gave in yet another "Prediction" for New Zealand and so let us watch for what happens on Friday, September 30, 2016 and maybe it'll become the date of the next big Seattle Earthquake still albeit a day later than the date I gave. . . or it could yet become the date of the next big New Zealand Earthquake and this one could even be bigger than a lot of the other ones that have been shaking that region over the years. Although I'm not sure what way the New Moon affects Seattle and New Zealand, it could also yet become a factor and so let's be watching both of those places!

Got to run this pic one more time because I notice that I didn't mention the direction the line travels through Taiwan might look just like all the rest of the big windstorms that have been striking there over like this summer and fall. . . but I have to tell you to look closely because this here particular line heads just a little further to the north and intersects Kashmir, and south it intersects Santiago, Chile so all of those new alerts and this line IS different like that:

Hadn't heard of this town name, but would you look at the list of Nearby Places:

2.1 - 2km NNW of Signal Hill, CA
2016-09-29 15:31:08 UTC

Nearby Places:
1.2 Miles NNW of Signal Hill, CA
1.9 Miles NW of Long Beach, CA
3.1 Miles SW of Lakewood, CA
4.3 Miles SSW of Paramount, CA
5.0 Miles SW of Bellflower, CA

There was one felt report from that one, although I was surprised that it looks like an epicenter so close to all those heavilly populated cities and apparently no more reports filed with the USGS? Must have just felt like a tiny 2.1 to most of them! New Moon Window will run all the way through Saturday and while the exact moment is on Friday, it's usually the whole New Moon Window that we really need to watch the most! EQ Guy

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You can Now See Big Five Prediction "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@

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