Thursday, September 8, 2016

5.6 Richters West of Cordoba, Argentina!!! 5.3 Korea Nuke Explosion, And Big 5.1 Macquarie Island, Australia!!! NOW HERE'S North Korea Nuclear "Earthquake Minute", Too!!!

CLICK Arrow: You can see North Korea Nuke Test "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ Transcript is at: Now Fridays EQ Blog

All of this stuff that's honestly happening is in addition to all the other stuff that's already going on as far as earthquakes are concerned!!! Might not have expected North Korea to test more big nuclear stuff prior to todays EQ Blog but here it is just after 7pm Central Time and YES. . . it's a big and bad Earthquake Alert on top of the probably TWO MAJOR ALERTS we are already watching for in California!!!

You probably recall there was that landfall of the Big Typhoon Namtheun with gusts at 125 Miles Per Hour that came up the East China Sea and landfalled at South Japan: THAT'S the big one Northern California was watching for and that was when Hurricane Newton made landfall at the tip of Baja California where an earthquake will now head up past the deserts of California past Vegas, Reno, and Seattle towards Alaska. . . however Alaska could also now be in the crosshairs of North Korea's latest test, too! Test October 9, 2006, Big 6.7 Richters Hawaii Earthquake October 15, 2006 and of course one we were watching for, too!!! New Big Test!!! What could shake??? Alaska, Hawaii, California, Seattle???

Here's the links to 2006 Nuke Test: AND Big 2006 Hawaii Earthquake that followed:

One more link you'll want to know about, that's the Radio Station where a Brand-New Edition of "Earthquake Minute" might be hitting the airwaves on Friday! Why don't you click "Listen Live" between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time @ and SEE!!!

Don't want to give away a lot of my best material by going ahead and discussing material from that yet upcoming Friday show, but I will take credit for saying to watch Argentina and I'll have the felt reports from that 5.6 Cordoba, Argentina Earthquake and more on North Korea in my next Edition of EQ Blog!!! Good Weekend, Everybody!!! EQ Guy

Much more earthquake stuff I wrote all about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

New Pacifica "Lazy Hazy" Earthquake Minute about a possible BIG California Earthquake!!! YouTube@ Thank-You For Watching!!!

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