Saturday, May 23, 2015

5.4 Richters Earthquake Strikes Las Vegas!!! Downgraded to 5.3 Richters! UPDATE: 1500 Felt Reports From Vegas!!!

UPDATE: As of Early Saturday There have now been 1500 Felt Reports from Vegas, if you include North Las Vegas, Vegas,and Henderson! One 3.5 Aftershock during the night, no other earthquakes to report, NOW Todays EQ Blog:

As I was about to go on the air Friday, I routinely checked to see what earthquakes might have happened while I was out doing some Rollerblading in the hours before my check-in time at work and found a huge earthquake had shook Las Vegas! I hardly had time to go over all the material that I found on that earthquake and was just able to locate the list of felt reports at the USGS website only moments before heading up to the studio for my show!!! With the script for my "Earthquake Minute" in hand. . . I knew there was going to be no way I would be able to use much of it as you can see in the following transcript drafted from the original broadcast you may check it out@ Went well just the same and notice after all the dust had settled that I left out the fact that I have now extended that alert until June 2, 2015.

Here is the Felt Report from Fridays 5.4 Richters Earthquake North of Las Vegas, Nevada: Not sure if I want to believe this part, "a ufo blew up underground in a government base tunnel that leads to Area 51" but Here's a Great Story from Las Vegas Sun with a COMPLETE description on that earthquake and that alien comment posted at the end@ FACT of the matter there is that this earthquake WAS very near if not on the "Extraterrestrial Highway" there in the midst of "Area 51". . .just sayin'

There was also a 6.9 Richters Earthquake that struck Solomon Islands and the most unusual part of that one was that I got home from work to check and found a 6.8 Solomon Islands. Not sure why it seemed to say 7pm my local time when I knew I was having my fish fry at 7pm and that I had seen this one posted on the computer in the control room well before I left the radio station? Only possible explanation that I could come up with was that there HAD to have been another one so I scrolled up and could hardly believe it!!! Yes, a 6.8 Richters Earthquake an hour or so before the 6.9 and my confusion could only have been caused by the fact that they tend to change the magnitudes all around on earthquakes all the time so that a person sometimes can not tell in this case that there HAD BEEN TWO EARTHQUAKES!!! Fridays Las Vegas Earthquake is also now known by 5.4, 5.3, and 4.8 with the last one being the most current.

Watch for more earthquakes over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend because those TWO 6.8 and 6.9 Richters Earthquakes are signs that there is still a lot shaking. . . and still BIG Earthquakes out there!!! I put air in my inner tube and will be floating up and down Wisconsin River this weekend!!! Till Tuesday, if not sooner for a big earthquake, Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!! EQ Guy

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