Wednesday, May 6, 2015

HUGE Swarm of Earthquakes Never Stopped at PNG!!! COULD Now Be Shaking California!!!!! UPDATE: 3.9 San Jacinto, And 3.5 Concord/San Francisco!

UPDATE: As of 9am Central/7am Pacific Time 3.5 Concord Earthquake with the epicenter just a few miles from Oakland and San Francisco, California! TURNS OUT there was a series of San Franicsco Earthquakes there!!! Check it out:
2.6 1km SSW of Concord, California 2015-05-06 09:35:12
3.5 0km S of Concord, California 2015-05-06 09:32:03
3.2 1km SSW of Concord, California 2015-05-06 09:01:47
COULD be lots more there! Also earlier this morning that 3.9 out in the desert region east of Los Angeles at San Jacinto, but certainly felt all over Southern California!!! Probably LOTS more to come! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

At press time it is looking like a lot of the Earthquake Energy in the form of Major Swarms might be arriving in California!!! Swarm is currently now appearing in the Yosemite Region like north of Mammoth Lakes enough that one of the 50 on the most recent list gives 44km Northeast of Mammoth Lakes as the location! Something huge could be shaking up there in that region before the end of this alert!!!

Other big news today is the fact that I finally had no choice but to submit an update to the California and National Earthquake Councils and you can now view that letter at EQ Blog-2, Here: BECAUSE it now looks like these earthquakes are going to lead to a GREAT DEAL more shaking and possibly yet the "Grand Finale"!!!!! I know it was thought that Kathmandu was the grand finale. . . but that location there and the movement of the Indio/Aust. Tectonic Plate just did not indicate absolutely that was the end of all movement, which proved true when PNG continued to shake with the full moon!

With all of this shaking now, I found it necessary to inform the "Councils" that there is just the slightest chance we might actually need to watch a little beyond Day 60 or May 13, 2015. As of the moment that I am writing this EQ Blog it actually now looks like the shaking MIGHT NOT have even stopped out there in the Pacific! This will most likely result in this now GNORMOUS Swarm migrating!!! Possibly to California!!!!! Be Watching for that. . . or where it will travel to!!! Here's link to ALL the Papua New Guinea Earthquakes that have continued on past the end of the May 2015 Full Moon Window at Earthquake Central:

There is also one correction from yesterdays EQ Blog with the pictures of the Illinois Tornado town. That would be the fact that I had a slight problem matching the Highway pic, but realized at the end of the night after I was off the computer, that the real problem with trying to match the two pictures from along the highway there is due to the fact that the power lines had all been replaced in the hours immediately following the tornado crossing the highway there. Therefore the two pics may not have matched exactly as far as looking at all the power poles there, especially in the AFTER pic.

That Alaska Anchorage Earthquake should be striking there about any minute now so keep watching and now be watching everywhere for signs that this HUGE Swarm of Large Earthquakes is traveling!!! Especially now California for something Major, since it looks like it's already started there!!! EQ Guy

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