Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So Much Earthquake Energy Will Continue After Full Moon Window Ends!!! Need To Keep Watching!!!

The now huge list of all the earthquakes that have been striking during the Full Moon Window looks like all of those earthquakes will be continuing even as the final moments of the full moon window are now passing as I write todays EQ Blog. While that list seems to be continuing to GROW and could possibly go on long past end of Full Moon Window, you can view the Full Moon Window portion now at Earthquake Central: http://eqalert.blogspot.com/2015/05/all-of-these-earthquakes-struck-at.html AND it is almost certain that somebody else around the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate will shake in a similar fashion. . . or will that affect the Pacific Tectonic Plate, too!!!??? If it does watch out California!!!

That is most of what's going on right at the moment. Today I toured the town where that recent huge tornado struck to find a path where the tornado cut nearly half of the town away, but today the highway is open so here are a few pictures from Northern Illinois Tornado 2015. Could hardly believe seeing the Google Earth views of "Before" so I will post a few of those here, too, so you can compare! Here is First Street BEFORE:

AND Here is that same First Street After the tornado:

Here is Main Highway Before:

AND Here is Main Highway through town AFTER:
God Bless all of my friends in this tiny Northern Illinois town and that region and I'll look forward to visiting again someday when ALL of this has passed!!!

Keep Watching for a lot more earthquakes and hope all of that HUGE Swarm at PNG does not end up affecting the Pacific Tectonic Plate because then that could mean California or West Coast may get all of those 5 Magnitude Earthquakes that they are getting out there in those islands! As it is Kathmandu, Nepal, Indonesia, or Japan is very likely to get them NEXT!!! And the big alert for Anchorage and Alaska continues on until they SHAKE, too, with Northern California just having gotten a 4.3 and a 3.1 in the hours before this EQ Blog! Keep Watching for More Major Earthquakes!!! EQ Guy

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