Monday, May 11, 2015

Is All The Shaking Now Going On in California? COULD All of it have Migrated From Papua New Guinea To California!!!? AND Will Tropical Storm Ana Shake Washington, DC and Richmond?!

Haven't had quite enough time to actually negotiate whether this here big new swarm that we are looking at is all of that Earthquake Energy migrated from Papua New Guinea incredibly to Northern California, now, or not. The following list that I have just now examined late on Sunday night prior to writing Mondays EQ Blog is a whole lot of small earthquakes dating back to May 4, 2015 although that date would more logically be the first day in a search which was set for 7 days in the first place! Therefore I will be watching this activity into this week and we will see what happens with it but be aware. . . it could become trouble before this is all over with the later part of Sunday having actually became Mammoth Lakes Earthquakes and somewhat fading from Bridgeport. Since this new migration has just started very late on Sunday we will need to observe it in order to best guess what it is going to do next. . . or WHERE exactly it might go to next! COULD be Virginia City/Reno, or most unfortunately could migrate to a more heavily populated region such as San Francisco or even become just one big Major Earthquake somewhere, too!!! Here is a link to the updated Bridgeport, California Swarm as of early Monday Morning at Earthquake Central:

Ironically in Fridays "Earthquake Minute" I notice I discussed all of that Major Earthquake Energy and was speculating that it could become something as big as a 10 Richters Earthquake. . . OR a thousand foot tsunami and can not hardly believe that today, Monday, we could be talking about it INSTEAD becoming a huge Major Earthquake Swarm at Bridgeport/Mammoth Lakes, California!!! Here's one more chance to view the transcript from Fridays "Earthquake Minute":

I'm not sure as of press time how this next one fits into this here scheme of all that's going on now in California, but there was a 3.8 Richters earthquake that managed to ring my phone at some point during the day on Sunday. Epicenter was near Beautiful Downtown Grapevine, California and very near where I worked at a big power plant for Pacific Gas & Electric. Here is the felt report with a lot of names of small towns all the way to Hollywood and Los Angeles which COULD and generally has meant especially recently, that WILL BE the town where the next major earthquake WILL STRIKE!!! Look closely at this list because the last name on this list. . . is Los Angeles!!!!! At Earthquake Central:

And as we now watch very anxiously to see how big this shaky California thing will become, there has now also been a landfall of a new Tropical Storm at North Carolina the landfall of Tropical Storm Ana with winds that were last reported at 60mph but could possibly have been upgraded at some point prior to landfall and I will have more updates on the latest on that brand new big windstorm in tomorrows EQ Blog and possibly even some brand new earthquake forecasting to go along with it! Until then be watching around Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC because it doesn't take long for earthquake energy to travel from Camp Lejeune to Richmond, believe me!!!!! EQ Guy

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