Friday, May 8, 2015

Are We Now Looking at a 1000 Foot Tsunami Circling The Pacific!? Should We Prepare For One!!!?

As Day 60 is now approaching and will actually fall on this coming Wednesday, it occurs to me it might be time to think seriously about that extension due to the fact that sooooo much shaking is now going on at Papua New Guinea!!! Without going into all the technical stuff too much further than that, besides just to say "Possible BIG Tsunami," it has now been a week and the shaking hasn't stopped out there around the tectonic plate boundary between Pacific and Indio/Australian Tectonic Plates!!! Just on Thursday it was all over the news that another 7.1 Richters struck and those huge aftershocks just keep on shaking, too! In fact it even looks like they are now moving to the east, closer to Vanuatu where it is my opinion this all started on March 13, 2015 with that landfall of CAT-5 Super Cyclone Pam!!! An alert that might normally only run like 30 or 40 days as you know if you've been following as I was counting them, NOW looks like I will have to extend the "Big EQ Alert" at least to Day 67, or Day 70!!! That will now be until May 20, or May 23 and we will certainly see as those days near, exactly how many days this new maximum length of time for a major alert WILL GO!!! We'll only know when everything shakes, gets it all over with, and FINALLY comes to an end somehow, somewhere! Be Watching because that chance is out there that it could be 10 Richters and a 1000 Foot or more high tsunami event!!!!! COULD be something big, anyways.

I have recently been having the opportunity to be "On-The-Air" occasionally on Friday Afternoons to do my brand new what I am calling "Earthquake Minute"!!! Feel free to stop by later today and give the show a listen like between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central, 2:15pm Pacific at and CLICK on Listen Live!!!

And now for something completely different!!! For anybody who just so happened to hear today or any days New "Earthquake Minute" and missed either of my past "EQ Radio Shows" Here's the transcript from my 2014 EQ Radio Show: AND Here is the transcript from my very first EQ Radio Show back in 2013 with even more great stuff:

In the event that I go on and discuss the Volcano-Blue Sky Story on todays "Earthquake Minute," here is a link to a great story all about how that huge volcano eruption thing might have worked:

Unless something else comes along that will conclude todays EQ Blog with mostly all of that shaking going on at Papua New Guinea, which I have a feeling is going to be leading to yet another Massive Earthquake disaster and possible Major Earthquake-Tsunami Event! Possibly affecting California and our West Coast if you can comprehend a ONE THOUSAND Foot Tsunami circling the Pacific!!! (Or maybe a couple hundred feet now that I'm proofreading it) Just as I was posting this blog, I notice Japan, Indonesia, Nepal and Fiji are showing up on the USGS List of latest earthquakes with some BIG earthquakes!!! Watch those places now especially!!! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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