Saturday, May 30, 2015

6.7 Richters Shakes Out There In Islands of Alaska! Still Don't Look Like No Major Alerts Coming!? But Watch-Be Prepared Just In Case!!! UPDATE: 7.8 Strikes 500 Miles South of Tokyo!!!

UPDATE: 7.8 Struck Offshore 543 Miles South of Tokyo and could mean trouble for Nepal, Indonesia, and China although could also move more closer to Japan, too! LOTS of felt reports coming in from Japan considering that it was over 500 miles away, so we may actually now need to watch a little closer for earthquakes due to it looking like that Alaska Shaker may be pushing west! See that felt report @ AND Please note those above mentioned changes to the following already posted EQ Blog:

Todays top story should probably be the fact that there have been no major earthquakes exactly as I said in Fridays EQ Blog, but at some point during the night between yesterdays EQ Blog and early on Friday there seemed to have been a small little 6.7 Richters Earthquake out in the middle of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Some of you who might have been really keeping track closely will recall we had been watching Alaska, albeit quite some time ago! So, I went and figured out exactly how long ago that was and it is looking like that one actually struck on Day 76! Therefore if nothing at all else ever shakes during the final days and hours of that grand finale, then we will now say Day 76 should be the end of it once and for all!!! (Please Note Update and I had also stated Day 80 or June 2 in my most recent Official Alert) From early on Friday, there is still a felt report on Alaska at Earthquake Central and with only minimal additions this one has not been updated since daytime on Friday: UPDATE: A reader pointed out we had been watching Alaska for 6.3 or 6.4 Richters and then I located an update sent to CEPEC/NEPEC for one to strike there before June 2. . . the latest mention was a week ago on last Friday right here at my EQ Blog@ AND You are up-to-date!!!

Earthquake Minute went well today even though absent was my usual show host and in his place a GREAT FRIEND!!! Sorry as of this writing I have not been authorized to "Re-play" any of the complete shows, but you might like to check out the script over on EQ Blog-3@

There was a 3.4 Richters Earthquake around the Mt. Vernon, Illinois area with a fairly large felt report at Earthquake Central:

For that whole entire update of everything else that might be going on as far as earthquakes are concerned. . . some of you might wish to go to yesterdays EQ Blog, if I left out anything that might be continuing you can view that @

I am now going to send this EQ Blog to be posted and other than the 3.4 Illinois Earthquake, I don't really have anything else to say about earthquakes anymore today. Not sure exactly when I might post here next due to spending quite a lot of time getting a Great Playlist together for an upcoming music show, not anything going on in earthquakes. . . well that was until my phone rang as I was writing that!!! Just in a 3.8 struck 12 miles North of Indio, California and 22 Miles West of Palm Springs! We had been watching for numbers such as those at 3.8, but still not expecting much more than that. May want to watch around Full Moon of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week and I must now add that there could continue to be an alert for something major through June 2 as I have stated in numerous writings including some official ones. I will now intend to have a concise update early Monday and will write earlier if needed. Thank-You for Reading! EQ Guy

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