Thursday, May 7, 2015

Has Papua New Guinea Swarm Finally Ended? Where Might We Expect All The Shaking NEXT?! UPDATE: a 7.1 PNG With 11 More Aftershocks so far!!!

UPDATE I'm not sure how this here 7.1 Richters Papua New Guinea Earthquake will fit into todays previously posted EQ Blog, but there have also now been 11 Aftershocks including a 5.5 and many 5's as of 10:30am Central Time. This epicenter looks like it's about a hundred miles east of previous epicenters so there could be even more going on with that and shaking/migrating could continue,too! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

A look at these four earthquakes that struck that shaky Papua New Guinea region says that it must be about finished shaking out that way. . . and leaves me wondering if the shaking isn't going to now show up somewhere else especially around the Indio/Aust. Tectonic Plate!!! Here is the list starting from 1:05am Wednesday Morning Central Time:
4.8 128km S of Taron, Papua New Guinea 2015-05-06 21:15:03
4.4 130km WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 2015-05-06 07:39:07
5.2 144km S of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 2015-05-06 02:06:48
4.7 15km ESE of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea 2015-05-06 01:05:17

Those are about the final four from that region, although I went and checked to see for sure and found that there had also been four others that struck at some point in time between the last update of the entire list at Earthquake Central and the first one on that there list, so if anybody has not viewed the entire list it is now up to date at Earthquake Central@

AND for those of you who might have actually been IN that 3.5 Richters Near San Francisco Earthquake, Here is that Felt Report:

Or the Southern California one at Corona, too!!! Here's that Felt Report From that 3.1 Richters Corona, California also on Wednesday:

Hello, if you are reading this EQ Blog today and just so happen to be in The United Arab Emirates I want to say a very special Thank-You for all of you in the "UAE" who are reading! Not exactly sure who might read EQ Guy over in those parts. . . but it just so happens that I actually DO know one person over there!!! So, hello to the one person over there in UAE who actually knows the EQ Guy!!!

Here is an Out-take from a past EQ Blog pertaining to that Massive Earthquake we had been watching for prior to Kathmandu 2015!!! Here is a great quotation from it: "Continue to be watching for a Massive Earthquake-Tsunami in the coming hours and days! A few of the signs of the sort I watch for the most seem to be continuing including an earthquake at Nepal, Mid-Indian Ocean, and around Indonesia. Here's the felt report from 5.0 Nepal: Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal.....2 Reports....315 Kilometers from Epicenter. Enough shaking that it looks like it is very possible this massive one is out there prowling somewhere!!!!! EQ Guy" Although for whatever reason it did not occur to me right at that moment exactly WHERE it was going to strike!!! And a lot of you probably even recall my use of the word "Prowling" and very ironically "Somewhere"!!!??? EQ Guy just did not seem to know exactly where at the time even though he used the word "Nepal" like 5 times in one paragraph! You can view that entry from now TWO DAYS before that Nepal Earthquake struck@

Continue watching for all of the things that could happen around the world as far as Major Earthquake stuff is concerned!!! Especially due is that Anchorage-Alaska Earthquake of 6.3 or 6.4 Richters and hopefully one of those where it strikes so far from civilization that you will need me to even tell you it struck if you know what I mean! Also ALL THE SHAKING at Papua New Guinea is almost a guarantee of trouble lurking on the horizon and a lot of it!!! EQ Guy

LOTS More of My Best Earthquake Stuff at My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ And Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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