Saturday, July 4, 2015

2.1 Richters Strikes 10 Miles West of Malibu, California!!! Felt in North Hollywood!!! UPDATE: 4.2 Oregon, 3.9 Utah! WATCH For More!

UPDATE: Immediately after posting this EQ Blog, I notice a 4.2 Struck about 60 Miles South of Salem, Oregon very near Eugene, Oregon with hundreds of felt reports from that city, and a 3.9 Struck 18 minutes later 200 Miles South of Salt Lake City!!! Here's Felt Report From 4.2 Springfield, Oregon Earthquake: Keep Watching!!! NOW Todays previously written EQ Blog:

Just a few earthquakes have struck since the end of that otherwise very active Early July Full Moon Window and the big one that I'm really taking a close look at for even a whole lot more Major Earthquake Activity is that 2.1 that appears in todays headline that struck 10 miles to the west and offshore from beautiful downtown Malibu!!! Here is the felt report from that one:

North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States of America.....1.....61
Carson, CA 90745, United States of America..............1.....70

If you notice CARSON appears on that list, but Carson has now routinely been appearing on a lot of lists of earthquakes that strike in that Southern California Region! I might guess that there is the real possibility that Carson or that immediate area could be the next Big California Earthquake!!! Just checked the map and see Carson is about 12 miles to the Northwest of that Long Beach Epicenter from the 1933 Earthquake there that you can see at Wikipedia:

All went well yesterday up there at the wonderful studios of my local radio station where I have been pulling a Friday shift at since last October! Of course headed right out for Milwaukee after my show ended to catch "Doobie Brothers" and it was a fabulous show last night, too!!! My "Earthquake Minute" went well, too and here's the transcript if you;d like to see the original. . . although I made some last minute changes and took out the part about the usual full moon earthquakes: I also have a Great Vid that I took of the show as I was airing it live right there in the studio and want to thank WORT-FM for having me again of course! At some point in the show I hope to get the proper permission to post a lot more of that show such as the video of my talking into the microphone or the actual audio recording off the archives, where I am going later on to extract just the one minute that I'm on-the-air! You can go to the WORT-FM archives yourself any time and hear me at the end of most of the Friday "Who Cooks For You" Radio-Music shows at the website.

There are currently 3 typhoons lurking out there in the Pacific and one in particular headed directly for that south of Japan region where Northern California has been known to get quite a lot of their biggest earthquakes from, but it looks like they are giving July 7 as the date that it will more closely approach Japan and so we will know more later this week on "Chan-Hom" and the other two are in the region of the Philippines with winds that do not currently pose a threat to earthquakes. There had also been two others late in the week in the region of Tonga and headed toward that Australian Coast there but I see they have now disappeared and have probably dissipated!

Here's hoping all my USA Folks will go on and enjoy their Happy Independence Day!!! I;ll be back here either Monday, or Tuesday or if something major shakes, right now of course I'm going out tubing!!! EQ Guy

Much more earthquake stuff I wrote all about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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