Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Exact Moment of July 2015 New Moon Coming at 6:26pm Pacific Time on Wednesday!!! 6.1 To 7.3 Richters Possible!!!

You are now officially on the inside of the July 2015 New Moon Window! Yes, it officially started at 6:26pm Pacific Time on Tuesday Night. Some of my regular readers already know that when the rubber meets the road on that exact moment the window starts, that I have in the past extended it to something like an additional 3 hours, but moreso wasn't it 3 hours and 20 minutes, just saying. We might want to remember this when on Thursday the window might otherwise end at 6:26pm and instead. . . maybe it should end at 9:46pm Pacific Time! Then, for anybody actually paying THAT much attention to those numbers, you will want to know that the three hours and twenty minutes were added for the purposes of including one or two Major Earthquakes that might have struck just moments before the full or new moon window officially started or ended and three hours therefore now includes the 5.7 Susanville, California Earthquake of May 14, 2014 and one or two others, so always remember to add those couple extra hours to the window!

Don't forget that there was that landfall of Typhoon Chan-Hom on Friday and there might still be an alert now for Mt. Vesuvius!!! Probably will not be too giant of an eruption, but have been known to be right when following that exact straight line up into that region so watch Italy and Portugal along with a few other third world type places that may also exist along that line up there beyond China where Chan-Hom originally made landfall last Friday. Still actually would only be something like Day 5 on Wednesday, but still time to start watching for something to shake over in that region especially with the New Moon!

So, I was actually giving some thought to possibly writing a SPECIAL Edition of my "Earthquake Minute" just for the July New Moon which is right now! Well, this EQ Blog is right now going to press so if I did decide to do something such as that it will not make this blog. . . but there is always the chance that I might some day want to add an Exclusive Edition especially for a special occasion such as this July New Moon Window will probably now come and go without such an exclusive.

Remember the Exact Moment of the New Moon will be Wednesday Night at 6:26pm so kind of be watching for some shaking!!! And the New Moon Window will run all the way through Thursday and it is very likely a Major Earthquake of 6.1 to 7.3 Richters will land inside that window, too! Possibly Los Angeles, but be watching for a Kathmandu Aftershock, too! EQ Guy

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