Monday, July 27, 2015

4.5 Richters Strikes at North of Reno Epicenter Late Sunday Night! WATCH Tongjiang, China and Vladivostok!!! UPDATE: 6.9 Atka Island, Alaska!!!

UPDATE: Just after posting the following EQ Blog in the early morning hours of Monday Morning a 6.9 Richters struck 100 Miles East of Atka Island in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and, YES, just to the far East of all the places I'm going to discuss in todays previously written EQ Blog!!! Here's Todays EQ Blog:

This just came in as I was getting ready to write todays EQ Blog! Phone rang with a 4.5 Richters Earthquake that struck up there in that South of Oregon and North of Reno Epicenter. Quite a lot of Earthquake Energy up that way and is probably that alert that runs until August 22, 2015 still shaking that region, AND could still produce a Major Shaker possibly around Frisco. While California continues to shake, I notice the felt report from Saturdays Fontana, California Earthquake is in and you can now view it at Earthquake Central@

There was also a 5.1 Anchorage Earthquake that had a few felt reports including 80 from Anchorage and 1 from Fairbanks along with one or two from all those other towns around Anchorage. AND There had been an Islamabad Earthquake but not any damage in the news with the exception of the fact that the actual earthquake was so close to this town of several million people that this earthquake must have basically just shook the whole city a good shaking! And that was probably all there was to it, with the epicenter having been about 10 miles North of the city and just far enough that it wouldn't have registered as 5 Richters inside of the actual city and therefore minimizing the damage.

The transcript from this weeks "Earthquake Minute" and a short little "Earthquake Capsule" I did earlier got tons of views for whatever reason so here's one more chance to see the Transcript from this weeks "Earthquake Minute" @

NEW SONG that Jag played on his show on Friday called "Earthquake" by band called "Black Bananas" has a good rock music sound! CLICK Arrow:

One more last minute check of all the details with the upcoming China/Russia Earthquake and I want to report right now that I have the exact names of all the towns along the line we're watching: Tongjiang, China and Songhua River there, Chernigovka, Osaka, Vladivostok. But I also came up with a couple towns located in that same region however politically speaking they are parts of North Korea. . . Sonbong, and Onsong. Now Typhoon Halola has also make landfall very close to the same region with winds 110mph and Gusts 132mph and it ran almost along the same line although the landfall was more like Okinawa but also headed north towards China/Russia. Day 10 was July 26 and so the July Full Moon Window will be Days 13, 14, and 15 and could mean a Major Earthquake around Vladivostok!!!

There is still the fact that there is some shaking going on around California that might still be leading to something as the moon overhead gets brighter and closer to the July Blue Moon!!! Be Watching! EQ Guy

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