Thursday, July 2, 2015

4.2 Richters Strikes 3 Miles North Northwest of Kathmandu!!! 20 Minutes Before Exact Moment of Early July Full Moon!!!

There was also a 3.4 Richters Earthquake that struck 132 Miles East of Bangor, Maine and strategically located just to the north of that very ominous uplift of the floor of the Atlantic Ocean where it changes conspicuously from like a mile deep to perhaps a few hundred feet deep and is a constant threat of Major East Coast Tsunami simply by being there!!!

As far as the 4.2 Richters Earthquake that struck almost at the exact center of Kathmandu albeit 3 Miles North of the center of the city and I dare say a mile or so northwest of the city limits up there in that region. . . this might now be a sign that there very well could be the direct strike at the epicenter there but am hoping for not more than 4 magnitude!!! Do watch there around Kathmandu, though, because this alert does run all the way into August!

And it looks like the 4.2 Kathmandu Earthquake has also just struck in the intervening minutes just prior to the Early July Full Moon of which the exact moment of was to come at 9:22pm Pacific and that earthquake looks like it might have shook at about 9pm Central Time or somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 minutes before that exact moment!!!

Keep Watching because there might be more shaking associated with the fact that the Early of the two July Blue Moons is overhead right this moment as I'm writing this! Keep watching around Kathmandu all the way through Thursday, now, and Watch California, too!!! EQ Guy

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