Monday, July 13, 2015

NOW 150 Earthquakes Have Struck Near Fillmore, California in 10 Miles North of Los Angeles Swarm With July New Moon Window Coming Tuesday!!!

Take a look at the now updated list of all the now over 150 earthquakes that have struck at the 10 miles north of Los Angeles at Fillmore, California location:

It seems very likely to me that Fillmore will probably continue to shake for whatever reason and especially with the July New Moon coming Wednesday at exactly 8:26pm Central Time and the New Moon Window starting on Tuesday there is almost no way this now Major Swarm of well over 150 Earthquakes will stop! NOT during the July New Moon, anyways! With by far the most real problem they are facing there being the possibility of a Major Earthquake of 6.1 to 7.3 Richters still lurking out there as the result of that landfall of Hurricane Blanca on July 6-7 and now looking at Day 36 on Monday and Day 40 coming on Friday. You will recall that we watched the results of Cyclone Pam equally as carefully and right up to Day 42 the day of the Kathmandu Earthquake!!! Day 42 is next Sunday so we MIGHT be still looking at a Major Earthquake for California!!!

Landfall of Typhoon Chan-Hom at Shanghai, China has now officially become the landfall of Typhoon Chan-Hom at Ningbo, China due to this huge CAT-4 windstorm striking directly at Ningbo just to the south of Shanghai across the bay there with winds reported to have been around 100mph! Here's a pic borrowed from "" and Getty Images of damage around Ningbo, China:

Now, that picture tells me we will still now need to take Typhoon Chan-Hom seriously!!! See all those towers that blew down in the windstorm were first beat on by the massive winds that struck those outer reaches of the coast of China there and it is exactly that wind, as indicated by downed poles in this case, that generate a lot of new Earthquake Energy!!! Updates on that to come! Right now let's watch Los Angeles, Seattle, and Kathmandu for earthquakes as the result of the July New Moon coming!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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So is this is a sign that the big one is coming soon ?This is really scary