Monday, July 6, 2015

4.2 Richters Struck 200 Miles North of Eureka at Springfield-Eugene, Oregon and Makes The Sunday Paper!!!!! WATCH For More!!!

While we continue watching a few smaller earthquakes have struck over the holiday weekend, but this here story seems to me to be the really big news today! As a lot of you know who listened to my Fridays "Earthquake Minute" Live on-the-air, you might have noticed Jaguar say "Watch Out Eureka" after thanking me and after I signed off and back over to him.

Well, I hadn't given too much thought to it right there at the moment, but he is actually originally from that region up there around Northern California and specifically Oregon and there just might have been a lot of folks up there in that region listening as he was telling them to watch out!!! If it wasn't for the fact that I had just been editing that very broadcast or doing something with my copy of the live show and then posting that days EQ Blog. . . I might not have otherwise gone back and caught how this story ended! But, as it happened, when I was all through with my days work and posted that days EQ Blog and etc. I go back as the last thing I do and re-check all the latest earthquakes before shutting down the computer and on that occasion found a 4.2 Richters Earthquake had just struck 200 Miles North of Eureka at Springfield-Eugene, Oregon!!! You may credit this one to my friend Jaguar for taking the extra moment to say again, Eureka!!! Because look at that felt report at Earthquake Central: I think just from having me around enough, Jag is really getting to know his earthquakes! This one here would have to be by far his all time best!!!!!

Now the transcript from Fridays Earthquake Minute has been updated to include the actual one used on the show. The previous one was posted but I had edited it in the moments before going on the air to keep it under one minute and just now found a copy of the edited version in my E-Mail and cut/pasted it over the other one at EQ Blog-3: This version has his now famous comment tagged onto the end of it, too!

Finally, those other notable shakers I was talking about earlier! With so far no real damage or injuries in the news a 6.2 Tonga, 5.2 Offshore New Zealand, and a 5.4 Philippines that looks like it struck on land, but not necessarily near any populated region. Hope Everybody had a Great Holiday Weekend and keep watching because it does look like there's still a major shaker or two out there!!! EQ Guy

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