Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6.3 Richters Strikes 125 Miles Northeast of Japan!!! ALSO: 4.2 Strikes 27 Miles From Kathmandu

Such movements around that very shaky region up there between Japan and Russia no doubt indicate that we are continuing to be watching what exactly is happening up there around the Pacific Tectonic Plate and 6.3 out of the blue is certainly an indication something is still lurking there! There was also a 4.9 a few hundred miles to the west of there in Russia for whatever reason and one might assume it's the earthquake energy we are trying to keep a close track of here. Here is the felt report from the 6.3 Japan Earthquake that struck at 10:10pm Pacific Time last night or 10 after midnight Central Time today:

Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan.............1.......655
Misawa, Aomori, Japan................1.......657

As I am writing this the current list of all the typhoons going on over in the far Western Pacific is starting to become a much more serious matter. I might have mentioned "Chan-Hom" earlier and that one now has winds reported currently around 80, but has now TURNED and is not forecast to make a critical landfall at Japan which would affect California! Instead Chan-Hom is now bearing straight down on China and could become a very serious windstorm situation there and yet more Major Earthquake threat for Nepal later in July. The other signifcant typhoon in that region is Typhoon Nangka currently listed at 120 mph and forecast to still be in open water on July 12, but is also headed for a possible significant landfall at Japan and we will need to be keeping an eye out on the direction of that already big windstorm to see if it should scrape Japan just right and in such a way as to come to affect our West Coast at all. The other Pacific windstorms are not active enough to warrant any additional discussions here. Chan-Hom and Nangka both look to be certain to generate a whole lot of brand new Major Earthquake Energy if only for China, Nepal, Indonesia and Philippines. . . and possibly somewhere such as Greece or Italy depending on how serious the landfalls are when they strike!!!

There has also been yet another 4.2 Richters very near Nepal as we wait for something there and Day 31, 32, and 33 are now Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week!!! Now in addition to Kathmandu, and as the July New Moon approaches next week, we might want to also look closely at that shaky Parkfield, California Region!!! EQ Guy

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