Wednesday, December 30, 2015

4.4 Richters Earthquake With Many Aftershocks Strikes Los Angeles Region!!! Keep Watching For Big California Earthquake (s) 7 Richters Or MORE!!!

Along with many other potential problems going on with earthquakes around California area now struck near San Bernardino at Devore, the little town at the bottom of the slope that takes I-15 up to Barstow!!! Well, a major problem there is that we're also watching a very sensitive nearby location since it's one of the best known "Gaps" or Chronological Gaps along the San Andreas Fault! This is a however long section of that fault possibly extending much of the distance between San Bernardino and Palm Springs or thereabouts AND this section is quite far OVERDUE for a Major Earthquake!!!!! Seeing Devore get so many earthquakes like they did on late Tuesday at best serves as a reminder that segment of the San Andreas Fault WILL SHAKE eventually!!! If I do not go any further into that discussion beyond now, then do recall to especially watch that region. NOW Here's the fairly long and all inclusive Felt Report from the big one!!! Although there were also a couple in the 3.8 Range, this is the felt report from the biggest, the 4.4 at 3:48pm Pacific Time and you won't believe all the folks around SoCal who filed reports on this!!! Check it out@ The rest of this blog was written before that 4.4 struck but we pretty much already KNOW we must watch California because it's been a common theme over the last several days with all the snow and several tornadoes, be aware of as many as 3 Big Earthquakes all headed for California. . . maybe all as big as 7 on the Richter Scale, too!!! This alert will run well into January so keep watching and stay tuned!!! Now Todays Previously written EQ Blog:

PREVIOUS HEADLINE, Just Cut at Press Time: 4.3 Richters Strikes 15 Miles North of Oklahoma City, Near Edmond, Oklahoma!!! Huge Felt Report, Too!!!
That felt report includes many reports from Tulsa, and Wichita and 300 from Oklahoma City!!! Additionally there went on to also be a lot more earthquakes at Oklahoma, but since there always seems to be a lot of earthquakes in Oklahoma anymore, I won't bother giving that list nor going on too much into the fact that there have been about ten there as I'm writing this because ten isn't even that many for one day there anymore!!! Although one additional note might be in order for Oklahoma, and that is the fact that there could, just could be more coming and possibly something BIG!!! You never know about Oklahoma they may be due for the big one there! That and read on! Landfalling tornadoes could also be a factor in Oklahoma and might have even already been a factor in the 4.3 on Monday! Or it could be the foreshock for something big in say Richmond, Virginia, WDC, or New Jersey/New York!!!

Have yet to find any "Path on the Ground" of all the tornadoes in Texas!? Not something they are used to publishing, I can understand, but for those of you who have read any of my books, you may already know that it is very important information along with what we already know that there was a lot of damage. The two when combined give us the direction the storm traveled and the line we need to follow to find the location where a potentially big earthquake may strike at any moment! That moment is nearing and I can only hope the straight line is not pointing directly to somewhere like Los Angeles, or San Francisco where it could just could. . . end up being too late to get that information to CEPEC/NEPEC!!!

Speaking of Los Angeles, heard somewhere that the BIGGEST SHIP IN THE WORLD has anchored in the Los Angeles Harbor and could be staying for a while! There have been some of these such events that might qualify as "Weight on the Tectonic Plate" and I just want to say it will very often also become the EPICENTER for such an earthquake so as of this notice be sure to also be watching Long Beach, Carson, San Pedro, and the Catalina Island Region for up to 7 or 8 Richters. . . at least as long as that BIG SHIP is parked there!

Although there does seem to be quite a lot shaking especially around California and Nevada, I myself have a lot going on over the next several days including New Years Eve and New Years Day and am working both days, too! So, not sure when I might be on my EQ Blog over the next several days but for sure will show up with anything urgent so no worries there! Note that my next "RockShow" will air Monday Night, I know not all my readers are "RockShow" fans but a few may be so tune in to Access Hour Monday Night, January 4, 2016 at 7pm Central Time! Until then Everybody enjoy New Years Eve (Ryan Seacrest on ABC) and New Years Day (Parade in Pasadena!!!) And I'll be on here when all of those holidays are completed!!! EQ Guy

Might Like To See This Weeks Earthquake Minute with all that discussion about California Shaking!!! On YouTube@

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