Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update On Landfall Of Typhoon Melor At Manila, Philippines, And Where Major Earthquake Might Be Expected To Strike Next As Result!!!

Has been a disturbance involving Manila at that landfalling typhoon there and death toll has now gone up to 11 with lots of flooding and am sorry to see fairly close to direct hit on that populated region there! Here is the updated story about that landfall of Typhoon Melor at Philippines with update on Manila the Capital@

Quick reading of the globe to see how close this landfall might bring next Major Earthquekes revealed a far away place called Laos, and then again those Andaman and Nicobar Islands just north of Banda Aceh. Only moments after I figured all this out earthquake at a place called "Bamboo Flats" and tells me since it is just to the north of those islands, that Indonesia and especially Sumatra and Banda Aceh might be next in line for shaking! Bamboo Flats is just another of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands regions whether it's actually one of those islands not sure, but right in there possibly even just to the north like my straight line showed!

Felt Report from 2.5 New Madrid follows:

Mount Vernon, IL, 62864, United States of America.....1.....211
Saint Peters, MO, 63376, United States of America.....1.....273

While that alert for all the shaking between Illinois/Indiana and Quebec/Iceland has been running out, time to also now say the full length of the alert should continue to Day 60 on December 24, and Day 76 into January just a bit, due to having only most recently detected some major activity continuing where nothing else could have been to blame and so this time we're talking about Illinois and Indiana or Iceland Volcano so we will definately need to keep watching!!! Although remember all the shaking like 25 small earthquakes at New Madrid and the TWO 4.7 Richter Earthquakes at Oklahoma.

One more chance to see this weeks Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ The Transcript For Earthquake Minute is @

Finally, as a result of that major landfall of Typhoon Melor at Philippines, it now looks like yet another straight line this time across the Pacific to Lima, Peru!!! As if we haven't already spent enough time here talking about that one possibly striking and this just in a 4.4 Richters Earthquake struck 300 miles South of Lima late on Tuesday so be watching there and now possibly for an extended period but this might increase the seriousness of the alert there, too, stay tuned!!! EQ Guy

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