Thursday, December 24, 2015

Snowfall Amounts of 5 & 6 Feet Equal New EQ Alert For San Francisco!!! 4.4 Has Already Struck At Reno!!! December Full Moon Window Begins!!!

UPDATE: 2.6 Richters Anaheim, California!!! Here's Felt Report@ NOW Todays EQ Blog:

I know I missed the actual moment of that earthquake by about only a couple minutes due to having noticed the time stamp at the Facebook entry saying I posted there at 12:44 and the earthquake struck at :46 and also have since then discovered that time would have made this earthquake late Tuesday Pacific Time instead of the times I'd been giving as "Very Early Wednesday Morning" when actually it looks like it was still Tuesday in Reno and California, yet! So, Here's the huge felt report from that 4.4 Reno Earthquake @ ALSO: Entire List From Reno Now Updated@

Wasn't exactly sure when all of this excitement with HUGE Snowfalls actually began? It is a matter since the upcoming full moon could be more of a factor if all the big snowfall amounts started more than a week ago, but pretty good just for saying it like yesterday and having Reno get hit already right away last night! Also need to watch Reno and that region of Nevada now, too, due to them being potential epicenter for 6 or 7 Richters Earthquake, too! Additionally because the Exact Moment of Full Moon will be on Dec 25 at around 6am Central Time. Full Moon Window starts on the morning of Thursday, December 24 at around 6am Central, 4am Pacific and will run all the way to Saturday Morning. WATCH For More Shaking!!!

What all this means now is tectonic plates pushing across California and meeting up around the Hayward Fault and San Andreas Fault along with San Francisco Bay Region! Just estimated this magnitude could be 6 to 7 Richters and will have a date for you by time "Earthquake Minute" hits the airwaves on Friday! Possibly looking at duplicate of Year 2010 when Eureka had 7.5 Richters on January 9!!! Hopefully NOT a duplicate of Paso Robles Earthquake. . . that one hit on December 23!!! The year was 2003 and that was lots of snow, too! I suppose I should say that a few days after the Eureka 2010 Earthquake on the final day of that alert, January 12, 2010 the Haiti Earthquake struck there!!! EQ Guy

Watch This Weeks Earthquake Minute on YouTube@ Transcript For Show@

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