Thursday, December 31, 2015

4.6 Richters Earthquake Struck Haiti, And 4.8 Richters Earthquake Strikes Seattle Region At 11 Miles Northeast of Victoria, Canada

In the moments while I was in front of the TV watching the "Holiday Bowl" taking place out in San Diego, this one pops up on the screen right in front of me! 4.6 Richters Haiti and I couldn't focus on the map fast enough to see exactly where this epicenter was, and how close to the big one it might be. Well, without checking it looks very near that other big epicenter from 2010 and that earthquake just coincidentally was also a "Severe Winter" Resultant as I call earthquakes that seem to follow a lot of snow and cold around the North American Tectonic Plate. Sure not quite the same as December 2003 or December 2009 both preceded Major Shakers, but still with a lot of tornadoes too, that could become serious for Haiti, and maybe this is a foreshock!? New Madrid 1811-1812 was also December, January, February Earthquakes, too! Now this one 106 Miles Northwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and they might need to watch for more and into 2016, too!!!

There was a 4.8 Richters that struck Just North of Seattle, Washington at Victoria, Canada, with huge felt report!!! Includes 1495 Felt Reports From Victoria, British Columbia and 3000 From Vancouver!!! Check out that entire Felt Report At Earthquake Central@

Because for whatever reason we're getting a lot of views on these felt reports, I took some time tonight prior to the Wisconsin Badgers game (against USC) and updated this big Los Angeles felt report which coincidentally includes tons of felt reports from San Diego where this game is playing at "Qualcom"!!! One more time the felt report from 4.4 Devore Earthquake that shook all of L.A. @ AND The entire list of earthquakes there with many small ones even removed for space! See That Updated list as they are still coming in now at Earthquake Central@

Somehow, some way I promise I will someday get that "Path on the Ground" for the tornado in Texas said to have been on the ground for 13 Miles!!! Judging by this here pic I'd say it may be at least somewhat urgent that we locate that information at some point! Hope not to find out the line DID point directly towards San Bernardino County, California!!! Would you look at the damage in this pic that I borrowed from somewhere:
As I like to say. . . that much wind damage equals a similar amount of earthquake damage when the shaking starts!!!

Sorry there is so much chance of earthquakes, Folks!!! Happy New Year!!! EQ Guy

Lots of views on this weeks vid, so one more chance to SEE Earthquake Minute on YouTube@

There's a lot of my very best earthquake stuff in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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