Thursday, March 31, 2016

4.6 Richters Strikes Far North California About 150 Miles Offshore From Ferndale/Eureka!!! Pacific Plate Keeps Maybe Turning!!!

The dare I say big Ferndale Earthquake actually did have like one or two felt reports as I recall from having viewed it right after it came to my phone. Currently two from Eureka and one from somewhere called McKinleyville but just happened as I'm writing so takes a few hours for those numbers to settle, but probably won't become a big enough list to really speak of much beyond that! Now unless anything else comes along in the early morning hours of Thursday, here's a very interesting one at "Pacifica" California very near Frisco in fact check out the list of nearby cities there:

2.0 - 1km NE of Pacifica, California

2016-03-30 18:14pm Central Time

Nearby Cities
1 Miles NE of Pacifica, California
4 Miles W of San Bruno, California
4 Miles SSW of Colma, California
4 Miles WSW of South San Francisco, California
5 Miles S of Daly City, California

From yesterdays EQ Blog this one today says 3.0 on the list and when you click it 3.1 comes up. . . and when you click on THAT, then it comes up 3.0 again so I checked and it originally started out as a 3.2 on Wednesday Night when it happened!!! So no matter how you look at it the magnitude is changing, changing, changing around on that there one! Tune in tomorrow to see what it's posted at. . . if the big one hasn't happened by then making it all useless information if I may say!!! No matter what they want to call it, here's the felt report from the BIGGEST of all the San Francisco Bay shakers of late Tuesday Night. First I'm not sure if I mentioned the location was 11 Miles East of San Jose, and 15 Miles East of Santa Clara, California, Now the Felt Report @

Here's a great news story concerning that big swarm, dare I say HUGE? Just south of San Jose and San Francisco Bay STORY at NBC Frisco@

Still getting a lot of views, This Weeks 9 For 9 "Earthquake Minute" Video!!! CLICK Arrow: NOW View 9 For 9 "Earthquake Minute" At YouTube@ SEE The Transcript 9 For 9 at EQ Blog-3@

UPDATE: Is The Pacific Tectonic Plate Turning??? Here's Transcript for latest Radio Network Version of "Earthquake Minute" @ Sorry, my editing looks a little sloppy today for some reason. . . but got it fixed!

Not sure why this next one seemed to be big news at the time I posted it here late Tuesday Night, but I can tell you that is an impressive list of felt report cities and you might check it out to see if you recognize any of those places:

2.5 - 8km SW of Santa Clarita, CA

Time: 2016-03-30 15:43:49 (UTC)

Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381 United States of America.41.....4 km
Valencia, CA 91355 United States of America........17.....6 km
Newhall, CA 91321 United States of America..........5.....9 km
Porter Ranch, CA 91326 United States of America.....3....10 km
Canyon Country, CA 91387 United States of America...2....15 km
Castaic, CA 91384 United States of America..........3....20 km
Lancaster, CA 93534 United States of America........1....54 km

There's currently a steady stream of earthquakes going on and I've left out many other ones especially from the Pacific Islands and South America in the 5 Richters Range so that I could bring you ALL of what's been shaking California, so keep watching California because my phone keeps ringing, and ringing and I'll update more again tomorrow! EQ Guy

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